Finally Started a Real Blog

March 21, 2006

Well, I finally got over my own stuburness and decided to go with a readily available blog site. Really was avoiding it ever since blogs started. I’ve been making my own, kind of trying to prove something to myself I suppose. “I can do that.” “It’s not that hard.” “I can design it.” Kind of always wanted to believe I can conquer the world.

My reasoning now is the following: Blogs are readily available. They have everything already done, setup, tuned, and managed. Time is saved by not having to customize everything and spend time fixing all the little details. Instead the actual company, a team of people, that is managing the blog will do all that for me.

It’s kind of like having a personal assistant. If you really think about it. I have a team of people working for me, and I don’t need to pay them! From a management perspective that’s the best course of action!

Anyways, so here I am. My stuburness has lost. I’m bloging on a real blog site.


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