A New me! (again!)

March 23, 2006

Finally got a chance to workout again. I’m going to start Simon’s suggestion by printing out calendars and creating logs. He said he has many years of logs. Enough for him to one day pull out and show his kids. He says he runs 10 km a week and plays soccer every sunday. Pretty amazing guy. (Btw, Simon’s one of my supervisors at work.) Dude has two kids between the ages of 0-5, a wife, and is the head development director for the entire company, yet he can pull off 10kms a week for the past few 3-7 years or something. I wonder if he was BS-ing me.

Anyways, it’s time to reshape up my life again. Hopefully this is finally going to be my restart in life. But than again I’ve said this too many times before for me to even count anymore.

Today was okay. I still need a girl to come into my life and boss me around thou.


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