Manga Library Size – 61.6 GB

March 29, 2006

Been on a manga downloading crazy recently. I've finally setup my computer to be accessable from work. I'm running it through web-port 443 so it looks like a funky https webpage call but really it's my VNC server >:D

Well, not really abusing anything I just check on my downloads every now and then. Gives me a little control of my life even when I'm at work. Whenever I get fustrated I can run off into my own server at home and check my downloads from SPL.

Spl is some male/female dude on mIRC. He's got way more manga than I have and it's basically my primary source of manga. My tastes in manga are a subset of him/her so I only have a portion of the actual size of her database >.>;;;

Amazingly enough I still have my own 61.6 GB of compressed manga images which is already quite impressive, since most black and white images compress really well.

I actually think Spl is a girl, from the type of manga on there. Being a guy means there's really no reason for some of those drama chick mangas to be in there, so I'm starting to think she's really a female. Although maybe it's just myself wanting to think there's a female version of myself out there in the world. >.>;;;; /sweat

Anyhow. 61.6 GB!


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