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At Mammoth

April 29, 2006

Snowboarding is fun, it's much easier to learn on the learner's slops. That last trip I had going to Tahoe was just stupid compared to this. I'm starting to learn how to carve; I can actually control myself! The fear is kind of gone as well. I think the main thing was that the advanced slopes never gave me a chance to compensate for the changes in the terrian. Here on the green slopes I was able to play around with my center of gravity and my sense of control.

Very happy that I'm able to spend time with my lil brother. It's been great and he's picking up snowboarding also almost as fast as I am. This means we can learn together and get better together, just another element to bond with. I love my brother =) I hope to be a good brother no matter what.

A little unpleased with the arrangements here, I've been kind of feeling like a 3rd wheel. Perhaps it's just myself though. One thing to note is that I'm still feeling very shameful for what I did to someone so long ago. She's a nice girl, she really doesn't deserve to have a jerk like myself in her past. It's just hard to look at her because I'm afraid of myself, I'm a weakling. It still bothers me from time to time, I think back about it and I say to myself "Why did I ever do such a thing?" I really feel like dirt when i think back to it. What I did was quite shameful and always there's a better way to resolve situations. I still hope to be able to apologee for my actions before I leave this world. It's something I want to do, but I'm stupid and never have enough courage.

Something's missing today. Not sure what that is…


Financial: Oil prices up means real-estate prices may go up as well

April 27, 2006

Here's what I was told and this is also what sounds pretty logical.

As oil increases it will cost much more to ship around raw materials for building construction, say wood, steel, or other constructure goods. It will be an indirect increase but for every bit of wood that needs to be transported there is just that much more charge in oil fees to get it from point A to point B. An increase in raw supplies will include construction projects for the architects and building planners. Thus raising the final price for a new building, then the cost of already ready buildings will go up too since they are relative to the market.

“You know you’re dead once you stop learning” – Unknown Author (2001)

April 26, 2006

I have forgetten here I heard this from but I think it has a very good note on how to live life.

If you stop learning you're no longer "living". Learning is a very important element of being aware of your surroundings and also the people around you. Everyday there is always something you can learn about the world, the people, your family, your friends, and even yourself.

Once you stop learning, it's just as well be the day you pass away.

All things in life are materialistic, people can acquire money and riches and other people can take that away from you. No one, no one can take away your knowledge the elements of your life that make you who you are. =)

Knowledge of Society Posts

April 26, 2006

I've decided to make it my policy to learn one thing a day. This thing can be anything from "Ant can't swim" to finanicals, "Energy prices went up! so priority will too".

It's important to keep learning in life someone once said, "You know you're dead when you stop learning." Kind of a retorical note about how you should live your life. I'll be adding this to my Rules to Life sections too.

Alone again

April 22, 2006

This week has also been quite lonely. I think watching Anime and Manga really does have a bad effect on my psychology. I suppose I'm just not happy with real life, anime life just seems so much more interesting. I suppose this is the same kind of envy one would get for a movie star or celeberties. People like myself living very normal lives that are hundreds of steps again from the fantasied life styles of the rich and famous.

Really makes me reevaluate my current position in the world, well just makes me think a lot. I really think too much sometimes. I wonder what life would have been like if I had "woken" up during the time I was in movies. Maybe life would have bee completely different.

I keep looking at myself in the mirror now-a-days. I suppose it's better than not looking at all like I did in college. In college I kinda didn't care what I looked like anymore, kind of overly depressed at myself, no confidence, no self-love, and really didn't care at all what happened. I grew fat but didn't notice, I grew dirty and didin't care, and I grew bad habits which I engrossed myself into. Now I'm finally starting to look at the mirror again. Noticing all my imperfections and small issues on my outer shell. I've noticed my lips are slightly crooked. One of my eyebrows are a little lower than the other. I have two rings under my eyes. One cheek is a little stiffer and buffier than ther other. One of my ears are slightly closer to my head than the other one. My old dented ear. All of these things are small issues, but I guess i'm just kinda nit-picking at myself.

On the flip side, I'm slowly fixing whatever I can. Although my face probably won't be able to get fixed easily I guess I can start looking at the mirror again and learning how to smile.

End of a busy week, start of another busy week.

April 22, 2006

Friday is here again, so quickly too. Seemed like this week just flew by. Feels a little weird too, I just turned a week older and nothing much has happened. Feeling a little stagnet and blan again.

“Love isn’t a flower on the mountain you feel happy looking at. Love is when you can be yourself and smile.” – Inspired by Kawakata Kaoru (Open Sesame, Manga)

April 18, 2006

Note: This is not really a rule. 

Love's not one sided?

In truth this quote doesn't mean much to me anymore. I've lost the context in my mind. I'll have to re-read the manga and figure this out sometime.

I transfered this entry from my older blog site that I made myself, so it's kinda been sitting there a long time now. Not sure what this quote means anymore, or possibly, I don't know how to understand what this quote means anymore.

Kind of been feeling like a loveless shell of a human recently. Can't really explain it. Just feel like I'm a little incapable of the ability and that I don't really know what it all is anymore.

Added On 5/28/2006:

Love isn't about putting on a mask and admiring something from a far and working to build yourself up to match that flower on a mountian. Love is more about living and laughing and enjoying life as who you are with the person you truly love. Working up to that would be "flower on the mountian" is sometimes only an illusion, any "working" to mask yourself from who you truly are to get up to that "mountian" is at times the worst thing to do. It may as well be that your mountian is quite taller, quite higher, and quite beautiful in itself. Looking at the world we sometimes see things off at a part sitting at the top of a mountian. Be little of us to climb down our current mountian and start the climb up another; why not get to the top of the current one and see if there exists a flower even better and more beautiful than that of another mountian. Up top a mountian of your own, your own path, and your own trumph.

“Power is something worn over cloths, there is no such thing as a naked king.” – One-piece (2002)

April 18, 2006

This probably came from another source as insperation to the authors and producers of One-piece, the anime series, but it first entered my life through this anime.

It's a very deep quote and really places itself best in context during the animation. Though it's not to say it is only good for animation.

The notion is that a father, a king, no matter how poweriful or well adorn, is still human underneth and still loves his daughter. At least this is how I've interpreted it.

 But it is some what true, in another sense as well. A king or politics of this world is really nothing more than just a symbol of power, almost like a dance of society as we push for one thing or another. We vote for one thing, press for another; no-one is every completely happy, but we still dance non-the-less.

“Things are not always what they seem” – Unknown

April 18, 2006

Old saying kind of goes with "Don't judge a book by it's cover". I guess the book one's a little too cliche now, so this one's a little better. I'll probably feel the same way about this quote and pick another one in a few years too. Well the idea is the basic principle of the matter exists and is extendable from this quote. =)

“A person who is nice to you but rude to the waiter, or to others, is not a nice person. (This rule never fails).” – Bill Swanson (1970’s)

April 15, 2006