Saturday was productive =)

April 2, 2006

Today has been a productive day.

My server has been downloading manga all day long. Lot of ecchi romance comdies, like Love Hina. I like this genre. I'm also very envious of it. But it's a good read and lightens up my heart a bit. The jokes are great too, hard to find moment to try and reuse them but if the moment ever happens >.>;;;;

Went out and bought snow clothes with my lil brother and my mom. Basically also spending a little time with mom. I think I was a little mean though. I didn't think I would be like that. Kinda directed my mom to whereever we needed to go just to get the shopping list done. After that thou we cruised around for a little while and my mom bought some stuff for her self too. My lil bro and I spent about 400 bucks today.

Followed up on my IBM laptop, should have a commited date of 4/4. We'll see how that goes.

Went to watch a movie! Wow it's been suck a long time since I've gone to Plente Mall (spelling, maybe…) Kind of nice just sitting there and watching a movie. The hour 2 hours, nothing in the world mattered but getting away from the floor waters and random mammoth jokes (Ice Age 2). Was just a good feeling to be out. I need to do this more often. Although, due to my rush to just get out of the house, I missed my chance to watch it with a girl >.>;;; No one romatically special in my life, but a female non-the-less. I'm still working on this "get out into the world again" thing. I know this sounds weird. Bare with me.

Didn't get to run in the morning because it was raining, but it was nice to just relax and read manga. I started reading School Rumble again. I found myself laughing out loud once or twice. It's really a good manga. I might re-watch the animated series afterwards too. This author is really good at timing the jokes on paper as well as in animation. Very good clean impact. There's so much havoc in the story that it happens so frenquintly that you really begin to realized the author's orcastration skills for it all. A good series, to read it or ask me for a copy. =)

Still keeping up my chat with one person online a day item. A little hard, but i think i've realized that i dont' really need to spend 30 mins talking or anything. Just say hi to someone random on my list. I have a lot of bad conceptions; I'm realizing this only now. Gotta start growing up again, continue where I left off.

Been also practicing on keeping my eyes on people. I'm very shy and I like to look away. So it's time to train myself to stare. If i see a hot chick, i need to stare at her… (and smile, so she's not freaked out)… but i need to just stop shying away from everything.

Today I also got to see Jack (wang, old college apartment mate) he had lunch with Leo and I. Was nice just talking to him and seeing how he was. He's also encouraging me on the sidelines to grow out of this stale concrete. Though he didn't say it directly, I know he's cheering for me.

Recently I've been thinking about an old friend, actually an old female friend, which I let go. I wasn't able to really capture her, but i know (now that I think about it) that we both liked each other. (This is where I slap myself in the face.) In truth I'm really not sure why I didn't just ask her out back in highschool and college. Anyhow, recent events have brough her back specifically into my mind. I wonder how she's doing? I'm sure she's doing well, she's a survivor; Probably the quality about her that I like best. Anyhow, she put it best "maybe our red string of fate just wasn't meant to be." I think I've been reading too many mangas too. I would be too manga like to actually try to find her – -;;; but then again >.>;;; maybe I should… but then again maybe I'll find out she's married >.>;;; hmmm life's complicated. I think I'll just keep reading more mangas to pass the time.

Did my personal work. I still have a few more errands, but my current system that my dad taught me is working quite well. I'm putting things into piles of "need to do", "when to do", and "archive". Everything is ordered by date or grouped by importance so it's just a mater of picking up evolopes and small paper cards to figure-out what I need to do this month or the next.

Time to sleep. I hate day-light savings, I lose an hour and it's painiful. Need to go running tomorrow if I really want to regain my confidence as well. Need to get back into shape and chase girls again, before i can't chase them anymore. >.>;;;;


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