Sunday was productive too! (Somehow I sound too happy)

April 3, 2006

Sunday was a nice day too.

Went running, but was very tired. Didn't go for too long but kinda died out very quickly after only 30 mins on the run/walk. Oak Grove was nice; Nice and sogy. Really was more of a hiking trip than it was a running trip. Maybe we should pick a new location.

Got home, Shower. Was really nice to just relax.

Had lunch with Annie and just chilled. I'm working on this self-confidence thing. Very weird and difficult though. I'm finally starting to get a little closer thou but it's still a long ways away from the level of confidence I hope to achieve. What is confidence? (next post topic.)

Haircut, going to try the messy look with a little comb to one side kinda thing. Either that or just change my hair style everyday and see how it works out.

Filled up gas, filled up air in my tires. They were at 30 psi, no wonder the road was so bumpy.

Read Manga. Downloaded more manga.

Was thinking about buying the lotto, then decided not too. It would be to win the lottery though. I would definitly quit my job and become a major land lord instead.

Talked to people online, checked my e-mails, changed my addresses for some accounts.

Was a pretty productive day.

I can't wait until my laptop gets here. =)


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