Getting into a weekly routine now =)

April 7, 2006

So my life has been pretty up in the air and take everything as it comes my way. But now it's starting to change a bit. I'm starting to get into a weekly route that's pretty health. Still not going anywhere for my social life, but at least it's a start. All great things start small anyways.

My weeks now start on a Monday due to work, but it's a nice way of looking at life. Kinda like Saturday and Sundays are "reward" days for my hardwork during the week. If i took it the other way around it would seem like I'm slacking off and making up for it Monday to Friday.

On mondays, I usually get to work around 8:30am and check e-mail that has accomulated over the weekend. Make a few decisions, figure out what I need 2nd opinions on and finish up all my e-mails. I then follow-up on last week's events with my current project "MobileID" and double check or highlight any import issues that should be addressed on Monday. After that comes 10am and I run the weekly meetings for the MobileID Development Team. I then spend half an hour making meeting notes. By now everyone is in the building now and I can start approaching Supervisors and sales reps. I follow up on tasks, information, and deadline dates or demo dates. I then start work on my own tasks that were assigned to me. Shortly at 1pm it's lunch break time. I usually spend about an hour in lunch talking to co-workers. We usually end-up talking about finance and how long we all work. We also joke alot about our company stock value (COGT). After lunch it's about 2pm and i dive back into my tasks. At 6pm (due to daylight savings now), the MobileID development team calls long distance to our Shenzhen office. Here I run the meeting again, but in Chinese! I'm actually not sure how I get thought these meetings every time since my chinese is actually quite poor compared to real native chinese. Sometimes I can't understand them and I just make up notes. Meetings are usualyl about 45mins to an hour. By the time we finish there's always questions and issues that need to be passed on to other people in the company from multiple divisions. Sometimes I need to approach management, sometimes research department, and sometimes my supervisors or other co-workers. After chasing down a few people and proding them for answers it's already 8pm. Like nothing, 8:30am start to 8pm end time almost 12 hours have done by. I spent the next 20 minuites driving home listening to classical music on the radio or violins on my iPod. Then the highlight of my day, I sit down and eat with my family, tell them about my day. I guess I'm just the ranting type (see above text for proof). Check my manga downloads, read some manga, shower, brush, do some misc tasks like managing my bank acounts or loans. Pretty soon 10:30pm or 11:00pm already. Time to sleep and I knock out.

Again I try to get to work at 8:30am, but it's always a little more difficult on Tuesdays. Sometimes on Mondays I have to do some extra stuff, so I'm kinda tired. Get to work, check e-mails, follow-up on the decisions the supervisors made and pass them on to others. Usually i'm the only one in the 4th floor of the building until about 9:15am when people start to pile in. 9:30am is our official start time. Usually Tuesday I'll perform my Autotasking for Monday. Autotask is our interal task management program that we clock our time on. Average of 9.5-10.5 hours every Monday. This is when I start thinking that I work too much. Time continues, I start on my tasks again for this week. Usually on Tuesdays I'll also get calls form customers or calls from our interal support people that are using my software. Every call is always very tedious, need ot be at the top of your game. And everytime they call they are looking to get you to make a devoted promise on some delivery date or it's a bug/issue that I wasn't able to think of before. Soon comes lunch time at 1pm. This is when I realize that I didn't have much time to spend on my current task and it's pretty able already 2 days past since Monday's meeting. Works demanding and kind of idiotic that way. An hour of stuffing my face and talking about life, or how to marry rich to regain some sanity. Soon it's back to work. Now that I've been pushing my co-workers to join-in, I've managed to create a running team in Cogent. As if I wasn't already managing enough, I now manage our running team's coordination efforts. I'm not the only person managing though. A go worker, Jay, is figuring out all the trails and locations which is nice. I just filter everyone's "going" "can't make it" notes. 6:30pm!  TIme to get ready to run. I walk to my car, grab my running gear (clothes and shoes) and start gathering people in the building (like 4 of us). By the time we're ready it's always 7pm. We then run for about 45 mins to make 2.95 miles and return tot he office. It's 8pm again, but I always feel guilty for running at night. Most of the office is still working 6:30 to 8:00. I usually go upstairs just to pick up my stuff and check e-mails one more time before i leave. Dinner, rest, manga, maybe some chit-chat on AIM, then sleep.

I'm usually dead tired at this point. Legs are soar, body doesn't feel like moving. Snooze, Snooze… Then I spring up and get to work about 8:45am (which is pretty close to 8:30am!). Wednesdays are like my follow-up days. I usually compress all the notes from the Monday meetings and anything that happened between Monday and Tuesday into a weekly report on Wednesday. My follow-up meeting notes are sent to the CEO, Sales Director for Devices, Sales Director for the West Coast, for the east coast, the supervisor in Shenzhen, 4 engineers in South Pasadena, 7 Engineers in Shenzhen, and 2 Supervisors in South Pasadena. Pretty much the entire company that's a part of our deployment decisions and planning. I'm doing Autotask again. This is where I feel like I haven't been doing much this week since most of what I do is push paper work and propagate decisions. Which is a nice job! But sadly I'm hired as an engineer, so I've still got my programming tasks. Wednesday is when I panic. I say to myself "doh! I haven't focused on my task this week!" I usually try to rush and compress 3 days of work into 1 day at this point. It's been going pretty good now-a-days, but i fear that one day it won't be so simple. My tasks and responsibilities just keep escalating every month or so. I'm basically doing the Directory of Research and Development's job. I usually summarize information and get him to okay or deny things, less stress on my end I suppose (don't need to back up my decisions). Alhought if I misinform him it's a pretty bad situation for me. Sometime during the day I take my lunch break, but i forgot to mention it above. Come 6:30pm (9 hours of work) I already want to get out of there. Sadly work keeps me tied up. It's hard to start a Thursday thinking only so little got done! I usually stay up to 7:30pm when i feel like I'm about to collapse and then head home to my sweet family. Probably on Wednesdays more than most days I wish I had a girlfriend to come home too or someone to go out with and relax with (female someone). Dinner, relax, TV maybe, download, check yahoo mail, sleep.

Can't wait up. Tired… help! Get to work about 8:45am. It's nice, no supervisors! They might think I make it every day at 8:30am! They could only tell by my logs on AutoTask though. My normal run of a muck day. Lunch, work on some more stuff, assist other engineers if need be, quick solutions and brain storming for other people's work, answer customer e-mails, suggest things to sales people, ensure other people's tasks are on schedule. Lunch. Realized I've been neglecting my own work. Panic. Work. 6:30pm again! Gather the running team. Run. get back. Check e-mail before I leave. Engage in some small talk with the older employees. Get home, dinner, shower (looks like i forgot to shower yesterday, because I didn't write it down) relax, chit-chat, e-mail, my own crud, and finally sleep.

Sick day! Just kidding. Get to work. Finish up my tasks, check on the rest of the MobileID team for an update, help them if need be. Lunch. Follow-ups on tasks and issues. Do some orgnaization for management notes and issues. Later before I leave usually the Research and Development VP comes and asked for a full update. I tell him my stuff, close up all my tasks, ensure I pick up my laptops (yes multiple laptops, I'm crazy at work). I actually have the most devices and laptops and server access in the company. I also play IT and QA and Project Manager and Customer Relations and Assistant and Translator and MobileID Engineer and Web Engineer and Techinical Lead and… I need some one to shoot me and set me straight. They are actually paying me quite handsomely so its okay for now. End of the day, leave home, dinner, relax, manga, sleep late. =)

Usually I'd be at work, but I've been on strike recently for Saturday work hours! I kind of pay for it in my work though. My speed has significantly slowed down since I don't take work home anymore. But hey, I need a life too! Or at least try to have a life. My company running team meets up at 8am in the morning, we usually have been going running in Oak Grove. Driving on the 210 is very envigorating in the morning with such light traffic. My GS430 runs really well when weaving through too (smirk). Run, Run, Die. Go home, Shower, Read manga, manage daily stuff, and try to go out!

I'll note more about saturdays and sundays later I suppose. This blog entry is seriously too long >.>;;;

Saturdays are filled with Manga, runn


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