April 10, 2006

Today was pretty productive. Although, it will be a little painiful to wake up for Monday. I've been sleeping late and sleeping in for the past few days. So making my 8:30am goal for Cogent will be very tough!

My laptops has not yet arrived but I've been tracking it this whole time. It shoudl arrive tomorrow. I'm looking forward to it. I've been aching to start my own development.

Actually I have already registered my company domain name ( I've also already started building the corperate data structure. Kinda early I guess, don't really need something so massive. Although it's good to stay organized. My structure is quite complicated but very well defined. I hope that I can just learn from my experiences for trying to maintain order in my own chaotic development. So far I'm hosting my own linux box from behind my dsl. It's quite limited and I need to use dynamic DNS server to re-hook up my url every now and then, but it's still nice to play with this networking technology.

For the next year EnV198 Solutions is the company name I've created. We'll see how that goes and how much tax deduction I can get for my inventments. =)

Today had a little tention from not doing anything. Kinda got realyl antzy and didn't know what to do with myself. Decided to go running at almasor park and did 5 laps on their really course, was great. Was sorta hoping to run into a really cute girl and ask her out, but when i got there i was thoroughly disappointed :X Maybe next time.

I'm starting to feel better about myself. Life's not so blan anymore. I'll see how long this keeps up, but everythings seems a little more hopeful these days.


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