Greedy Professor

April 11, 2006

A once innocent and young bachlor of science has now becomes a doctor of his field. His studies are the way of magi, an ancient and near taboo form of mana.

Through mana, one is able to manifest their desires into the shape of the four basic elements: water, fire, lighting, or earth. But through magi, one can be as poweriful as the cosmos and master even time itself. For this reason, this level of magic has been forgotten, tucked into the past under a once heavy, but now faded, curtian of war and destruction. Only ancient runes which tell tails of what was once magi, still remain…

As his life's work, he has always wanted to believe in the existance of something grander. Though he was never a good polition, he has managed to survive the politics of the scholistic world. Until one day his work was framed and labelled the root of all evil. He was cased out, his once great published contributions were burned and buried. Now labelled as nothing more than a heritic, he was exiled from the colleges of magic.

This didn't stop him, it only made him more ambishous.

After years of hiding, on his last great whim of instinct, he gathers a team of adventures using a different name, a treasure hunter. To the ends of the world, they went soon finding an hidden structure of what seems to have been an old militeristic head quarters.

Whilst exploring these ruins, they found something, something that would change the face of their world forever. A orb of magi. In his greed, the excited ex-professor slays his fellow adventures and takes the relic for himself. The source of infinite power; the proof of his life's work. Recognition beyond recognition was now in his grasp.

Our Hero, a teenage boy:

"Mom! When's big sis coming back? I don't understand why she likes to adventure so much. She just comes back with scars and bruises all the time."

Three years have pasted since that day…


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