Laptop arrived. Not happy.

April 11, 2006

So my laptop finally got here. It's very sweet. 2.0 ghz 2 GB DDR ram, 100GB harddisk, DVD dual layer burner, 15.4" lcd wide screen, the works!

Except one thing…. has no built in wifi…

Very depressing. Kinda makes the laptop, not a laptop… Not very mobile either. I'm very depressed, cant' sleep even. I'll need to call Lenova tomorrow and see what I can do.

Very big downer, been waiting on this for a little under 2 months, and it turns out to be missing something so basic. I must have mis-clicked or something. I'm almost sure I selected that option. Doesn't make sense to not include it after picking everything else to tbe the best possible combination right?

How could I have slipped this. So depressing. Was looking so forward to starting my development, starting my 'new' vision of how I want to build my life's success.

I'll still press forward at thie point, but it's a little less exciting without a proper laptop… I hope they are willing to let me return it and upgrade it. The LCD's a little messed up too. There's a small blemish on the bottom right side which feels like someone's poking at my LCD all day long, but not.

Frustrated. Oh wellz. Gotta deal with it tomorrow. Already sent out an e-mail to my sales rep contact, maybe she'll give me some good news, although it's already been 2 months since my invoice… >.<  

If they let me upgrade it by mailing it back to them that's almost another 50 bucks for just mailing and 40 bucks for the part. I might do it thou, just to completely it. But i'm also hoping i dont' have to live with this blemish either.


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