Twisted Twins

April 11, 2006

An ambishous overlord whom seeks eternal life, locates a poweriful sorceress within a royal family blood line. In the mitts of night, the royal castle home is battered down and set to flames under the command of a black knight. The three year old, now orphan, daughter of the house was kidnapped and taken back to the overlord's terrority. In the clash of confusion there were only two others that survived, the keeper of the grounds and the twin sister. Escaped unoticed, the keeper racing from away the red sky'd hell, hidden by the dark of night and covered by the protection of the forest. Feariful for the young mistress' life, he leaves her at the steps of an orphanage.

The kidnapped daughter is taken in by the overlord as his own. Raising her strong and proud, but unknowning of her true past.

The escaped daughter lives a life of god and prayer. Protected secretly at a distance by the, now old, grounds keeper.

Fourteen years have passed. Soon at the age of eighteen  young mages reach the age of first essence, and their powers will begin to emerge.

The keeper now comes out of hiding and returns to service the young mistress once again.

"My lady, you may not remember me. I'm a friend of your father's. One of many which owe a great service to him…"


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