“Love isn’t a flower on the mountain you feel happy looking at. Love is when you can be yourself and smile.” – Inspired by Kawakata Kaoru (Open Sesame, Manga)

April 18, 2006

Note: This is not really a rule. 

Love's not one sided?

In truth this quote doesn't mean much to me anymore. I've lost the context in my mind. I'll have to re-read the manga and figure this out sometime.

I transfered this entry from my older blog site that I made myself, so it's kinda been sitting there a long time now. Not sure what this quote means anymore, or possibly, I don't know how to understand what this quote means anymore.

Kind of been feeling like a loveless shell of a human recently. Can't really explain it. Just feel like I'm a little incapable of the ability and that I don't really know what it all is anymore.

Added On 5/28/2006:

Love isn't about putting on a mask and admiring something from a far and working to build yourself up to match that flower on a mountian. Love is more about living and laughing and enjoying life as who you are with the person you truly love. Working up to that would be "flower on the mountian" is sometimes only an illusion, any "working" to mask yourself from who you truly are to get up to that "mountian" is at times the worst thing to do. It may as well be that your mountian is quite taller, quite higher, and quite beautiful in itself. Looking at the world we sometimes see things off at a part sitting at the top of a mountian. Be little of us to climb down our current mountian and start the climb up another; why not get to the top of the current one and see if there exists a flower even better and more beautiful than that of another mountian. Up top a mountian of your own, your own path, and your own trumph.


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