“Power is something worn over cloths, there is no such thing as a naked king.” – One-piece (2002)

April 18, 2006

This probably came from another source as insperation to the authors and producers of One-piece, the anime series, but it first entered my life through this anime.

It's a very deep quote and really places itself best in context during the animation. Though it's not to say it is only good for animation.

The notion is that a father, a king, no matter how poweriful or well adorn, is still human underneth and still loves his daughter. At least this is how I've interpreted it.

 But it is some what true, in another sense as well. A king or politics of this world is really nothing more than just a symbol of power, almost like a dance of society as we push for one thing or another. We vote for one thing, press for another; no-one is every completely happy, but we still dance non-the-less.


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