Manual Blog from May 8th

May 8, 2006

A little depressed right now. My world is kinda collapsing on me again. I've just been given the chance to raise myself up from software engineer / technical lead to job work that runs along the lines of project management. I was thinking that I didn't do too well of a job on the Mobile solution stuff and that the project was slowing down, but I guess others saw it a little differently. I'm been offered a management task in the canada project. We're basically working with RCMP (canada's FBI).

Blah! Just too much to do these days.

WordPress is down so i haven't had a chance to release my feelings. Sigh…

Kind of a bad time to be down, i've been hoping it would come back online so I can clear my head a little bit. It really helps a lot when i'm typing out my thoughts. Kind of gives me a 3rd person perspective of myself and allows me to evaluate myself a little. Somtimes in life taking a step back and looking at yourself is really important.

Recently I've been drinking a lot, and really I want to drink more. It's actually kind of fun letting myself go as well as releasing my inner child. On top of that I think of it as a challenage to be able to maintain my own train of thought while I'm drunk. it's very difficult at times that's for sure. I've actually over comed a few obsticales just recently even though i was drunk and a little buzzed. But it was really pushing my boarder lines. On more step and I would have gone crazy.

Sigh, I need someone to cuddle with or something. Life's pretty dull just living alone and working all day. I wonder when I'll be able to break this cycle.

Sleep, manual blog more tomorrow.


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