WordPress is back!

May 16, 2006

Wonderful! I can get back to comforting myself by exposing my internal thoughts to the world again! Well it's actually not too much exposure.

Sometimes I wonder to myself, "why do I bother web-blogging?" It's not so much the fact that no one visits my web-blog, but rather what am I hunting for? Why am i exposing myself? What kind of happiness or external motivation is there that I am seeking by blogging?

After much thinking I've decided it's for one very lame reason… I'm hoping someone will read it and fall in love with my thoughts and come give me an easy life. /nod /nod. Then I can relax all day long, do nothing, and sleep as much as I want.

Sounds a little more like i want to be a pet. Kind of like the life of a dog (animal). They sit around all day, relax, do nothing at all, and sleep as much as they want.

I'm am blogging so that someone can some day come turn me into a dog and I can live an easy life… or not.

I suppose I liked blogging because it's a little interesting to learn more about myself. In some ways, bloggins is like talking to yourself, but not really giving yourself a name. You can speak what's in your mind and let out whatever you feel, then after you've typed it or it's come out of my hands, I can step back and take a look at myself and what I've produced.

Blogging is also like talking to the world i suppose, where I am a part of the whole world. Thus as part of the world that I'm talking too, I, at the very least, can reevaluate myself as a person and as an identity and evalute how I should further proceed. /nod /nod

Anyways, bloggings fun in some unknown mystrious way. Some crazy stuff come out of these hands. It's almost like they have a mind of their own. =)


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