Over the Hedge

May 29, 2006

Went and had lunch with Leonard, Jon, Jack, Rudy, Jessica, and Diana at Bacallis (Spelling?). Had my black pepper chicken steak again, great stuff. They make it very moist and very tender, not try at all and the black pepper sauce is great too. I know why Leonard loves that place, it really is a pretty nice cafe to eat at.

After that we promptly went to Santa Anita Mall to watch Over the Hedge in the AMC. That was a great movie, very funny, and well worth my 7.50$.

*Spoilers* I think the best was how they built up to the ending climax when they finally gave Hammy some caffine and the world slowed down. I could not stop laughing from how they played that out. I feel bad for anyone that didn't enjoy it as much as I did, I was laughing pretty loud and that's not normal. I always try to respect other people's privacy when watching a movie, it's not cool to talk and bring them out of the moment, but in this case I think it was okay. There was definitly a good portion of the movie theater laughing at the same time. It was great, truly a well planned moment. The best part about that climax was how they built up to it. Many times they would zoom out and show the world and an atomic mushroom cloud to over exaggrate something, and so it really prep'd the audience to know that something was coming. Hard to explain, if I was a English major I'd jot it all out, but sadly I'm a simple engineer T.T


2 Responses to “Over the Hedge”

  1. msticazn Says:

    Glad you liked Baccali and the movie 😀 I really enjoyed the movie as well. The scene you picked was absolutely hilarious. We gotta find more things to do 😆 Life’s tooo short to be spending it in a cubicle 😀 j/k Glad that you made the time to come out to enjoy the Memorial Weekend 🙂

  2. renliu Says:

    Thanks man, it’s great to get out ^^

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