External Encouragement!

May 30, 2006

Friend was a little depressed today about his career, he's graduating soon but feel like he's failing at it all on a career level. I told him he was not seeing it very clearly, there is still so much he can do and try, He's only 22 and he's getting depressed saying he's going to quite his entire career. I've known him for a long time now, we've been buddy gamer in the past for quite a while. I know how to read into his personality. I suppose the only reason why I can read him so is because he resembles a little like my past personality. A very depressive and very unhappy James back in Berkeley when I could not make it into my computer science major. It just happens that one day I kinda woke up and it was all better. I realized I'm young, I didn't truly give it my all just yet, I didn't even finish my lap around the park. I woke up and took life by the hair and rode it like a …. >.>;;; Well I was excelling again after that. I can't remember what it really was that turned me around, perhaps it was all the Ragnarok online gaming or all the guild leadership organizing that really made me wake up. Back then there were a lot of people that depended on me from day to day. People that hated their lives and their real life and wanted to escape. Sometimes they would like to excel at their fake lives as well and make new friends. I made it my responsibility to help them enjoy the game and possibly even help them with real life advise. That was probably when I woke up. I saw so many depressed, unenergized, unforth-coming individuals that had simple problems that they just couldn't see over the first hill. It was then that I realized I was one of them too.

So cutting it short… I found someone that use to be in the old position I was in. I hope to give him advice to bring him over that first hill and wish him a healthy trip for the rest of the way. One note that is important is that I don't plan to just get him over the next hill just to leave him in the middle of the next valley. I plan to teach him how to conquer that first hill himself, so that he may do it again himself for the second, the third, and the twentyith in life.


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