Been a long day but life’s still good.

May 31, 2006

Got to work yesterday at 9:30am. I left work, the next day, 2:30am. Spent about 17 hours at work yesteryday in a single shift. That's crazy. People should have 8 hour work days! I just did two working days in one! I'm feeling a little odd in the head too, lol.

It's a good thing that I don't have a girlfriend at the moment, she'd probably get  mad at me for spending so much time at work. An even if not angry, she would at least be lonely. Or that's how I would feel I were the one waiting for her to get home.

All in all, I'm young, I'm capable. The career boost is good. I don't know though. Maybe it's not the best way to live this way.

He's the pro:

In my current position, if everything works out well, I will be a technical lead which played a major role in the development and deployment of one of the world's largest automated fingerprint identification systems at the age of 23. I will have made it to project management in less than one year or about one year's time since my offical employment date. I will have gained experience beyond any entry level job in any field working at a normal pace could never teach me. I will be able to sport a 6 digit figure (I hope). I will be ready for more projects of the same calibar. I will be openning up many doors to the future in the private sector of the computer science industry with many possible management level oppertunities.


I'm going to die early from stress. I'm going to go bald (actually doesn't run in my bloodline). I will not see my family very much for the next two months. I will have no time to have fun. I will have no time to do what I enjoy. I will have no time to help parents. I will have no time to joy the simplier things in life. I will not be able to help my little brother out as much as I really need too. I really need to spend more time with him and check that he's going okay. The rest of the world will speed past me; I'll miss out on all my younger years.

Hmmm… I don't know…

Well at least there's hope for me in the long run.


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