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June 19, 2006

Haven't blogged in a while. It's been very hectic and a ton of things have happened!

Here's a quick summary:

Camry died, little brother has a new car, ES350. The punk has only had his licence for 2 months! And he's driving around an ES350! A little unfair but i'm really happy for my little brother. He really gets to sport and show off his car in his junior and senior year in highschool. I'm a little afraid that he'll get too spoiled from this though. I reminded him that we were once poor so he needs to remember to not let himself get spoiled by it all. He has a good head on his shoulders, I'm not too worried about it.

I wrote a check for $39,988 >.> that's the largest Check I have ever written to an out side source! Oh the pain! Originally it was 40,000. Writing checks are always a tedious venture: need to write the number, figure out the date, then write out the whole text string wording for the number as well. So like it was 40k… easy "Forty Thousand dollars only" then my mom opens her mouth to the salesman, "How about a nicer number? Like 39-something, with more eights" D: Dealer says "okay how about 39988" So then i had to write "Thirty-Nine Thousand Nine Hundred eighty-eight dollars only". My only thought at the time was "D: Chinese parents! Aiya!" Still fun thou i suppose =) adds a little more to life and makes it interesting.

Work has become very very hellish, there's not enough time to do anything anymore. We have 2 weeks left and it's really sad I need to work so much recently. I really wanted to spend more time relaxing and getting to know Eunice a little more. Well I'm still young, but somedays this is all going to explode out and I'm going to go nuts. I'll be like "Hey! I quit! bye!" Truly working this long and this stressiful is changing a lot of my perspectives on life and society.

Singing! I went singing with Leo, Jon, Phil, Joyce, Jessica, Diana, and Eunice. Was very fun. Eunice is very good at singing. Sometimes I really regret that my parents didn't force me into music and learn the piano or something. Then again, Eunice is right, if i was forced into it I probably wouldn't like to so much, or I wouldn't really wish I could learn it now. A bit of a chicken or the egg delimma.

Did something very out of the ordinary this weekend too. I think I'm getting closer to my point of feeling a little 'enlightened'. One thing really interests me in Eunice is that I can see she's a few steps ahead of me in that direction. She's very level headed and also very enjoyable. In my opinion, one that is closer to "enlightenment" is one that is not phased by society's influences. For example, one thing I still need to work on is my shyness and self-confidence. They are high, but still not high enough. I still second guess myself and also feel not perform at top efficiency and clarity. It's always a strive to better one's self as much as possible.

In some ways, I kind of want to dig out the old me and let him cut loose. It's very difficult to keep this balance. That's one thing the Eunice brings out in me, I can feel some of my old self reemerging from the wreckage. Something tells me inside that I can become what i'm shooting for by spending a little more time with her. It's an usual feeling to explain. I suppose, what I want to say is that I can learn a lot from her.

More later! Back to work!


This is definitly illegal.

June 9, 2006

So this said company said that said developers now, have had, need to, do this said project that was proposed in a said month of last year and saidly won, that said developers must work sad hours for said company.

The said company proclaimed the following said sad work hours for the next few said months:

1. Work extra hours on Monday to Thursday
2. Work on Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 5pm for the following weekends

06/10, 06/11
06/17, 06/18
06/24, 06/25

Said hours are now average 9:30 am to 9:30 sad pm, said. Said for said monday to thursday. Then also friday will be normal day of 9:30am to 8:00pm. In addition, said weekend of both sad day, said Saturday and Sunday, will be said work as overtime.

It is implicit that said overtime will not be said as direct over time and saidly has no saiditional pay.

Said the VP of said company, says: "I understand this is difficult situation as most of us also have families which need to be taking care of but we don’t have other choices."

I said say to say self of which I says, "Bad management, makes Monkeys sad".


Mental Level: Distrot
Mental Stability: Edge
Mental State: Said.

Maybe Crazy thinking! hahaha

June 5, 2006

Okay I just re-read my last entry LOL this cold is getting to me. Need more rest LOLOL.

Still Sick, but still thinking!

June 5, 2006

So I'm sick at home again. There's so much work to do. It's pretty ridiculous. Anyways…

So I'm eating cold noodles and i decided to sit in my backyard. In my backyard we have an African Grey Paroit. They are some what naturally hostile and very terroritorial.

I'm staring at him, he's staring back. There's a metal leg of the Tent over head that is in the middle of us. I decided to hide myself between myself and him. He moves his head to re-align his sight. This is when i noticed, he's not staring at just me, he's staring at my eyes.

Animals must have the level of instinct that will focus in on the eyes. This gives a notion of them realizing the massive blob that moves around has a center of focus, namely a head. Thus giving animals a sense of what is an "entity". Many have said that animals lack a sense of "self" and that's why they are scared by mirrors and can not fully express themselves. Some go on to say that it is a limiting factor in the construction of a conscience. It's very appearant that animals know what "eyes" are and they are attached to an "entity". It's just an interesting notion and it's really not too far from realizing what a "self" is.

Perhaps the world will some day be surprized by a collection of animals hidden away in some corner of the world that is able to have a realization of "self" and evolve their conscience to a point of communication and expression.

Oh Sickness!

June 3, 2006

So I had to skip work today. In the morning I was feeling way too week to do anything at all. Sent an e-mail in and it turned out to be a good decision. Got to stay home and rest and really nurse myself back to some-what normal energy levels again. Still quite not the same of course since I'm sick, but feeling a lot better. I'm actually starting to get use to the sickness. I went out and had dinner and kept… an okay level… of conversation. I suppose I still have much to learn about for keeping my self straight minded under all situtations.

Why am I trying to hard to keep straight minded? And what do I mean?

So like recently I've been testing myself (yeah life is a little borning at the moment) to keep myself thinking straight even under heavy fire. It's quite a difficult task actually and I can't say I'm completely successiful under all cases, but I'm getting good at it.

Lets say I take a shot of vodka, now i need to hold composed and normal even though I've just polluted my brains. Take a few more shots, see if I can hold my thoughts together even under such pretenses. Take a few more, am I sitll me? Where do I define where me is? How do I define I am still myself? Find myself, breath life into it, and maintian my composure.

Under heavy stress, work stress, house stress, personal stress; need to keep cool minded and normal. All things in this world are subjective, they are only relevant in compareason to each other. When they are left alone a single standing task, it means very little or nothing. So why stress so much? Clear my mind, focus on the task at hand, accomplish it and perform it well, move on to the next item. This is probably my most difficult to do. It's not easy when you have a world of stress laying on your shoulders. It's not easy when you don't really know where your going. Life is very difficult to play out when your not clear and clean about your direction in life. It's difficult to rummage through it all and come out on top, standing strong. I've yet to accomplish this, but I am striving to achieve it. I need to be similar to Eric Lu. He's got it all laid out and is very calming to be able to push things correctly and accurately.

Being myself under personal pressure is probably the hardest. I can say that I'm pretty sure of myself for where and what I want to work towards. I can also say I'm pretty sure of myself when I say I know how to work towards it. One thing I cannot say though, is that I know the best route of how to work towards it. All my life I have always been a "if i need to do it, then I'll do it and push it through whatever it takes". But this ends up very messy and unclean and you need to clean up after yourself and fix that hill side you've burn to a crisp (not always can be fixed). I need to learn how to execute with a little more finesses. Direct, straight forward, simple, accurate, and done with no worries.

Much to learn and accomplish in life still. =)

Lawrys, good stuff!

June 3, 2006

Went to Lawry's today for dinner; Leo really knows his way around California. That's some pretty good stuff, the service was also great.

One random thought came to mind while I was eating there. "It must be nice to wait/serve at a really nice restruant that has good food and service." I suppose it's sort of the "Work and love what you do at work" kind of idea. The servers were very happy, friendly, smiling, and service was excellent. They would come by and put water whenever you needed it even if you didn't ask. They are willing to ask twice and repeat themselves when you can't hear them. I suppose the core ideal I'm getting at is that management goes to many levels. When the food is good, the waitors can be happy and confident of themselves, thus enable them to provide key and excellent service. It was my impression that the server really liked her job, it wasn't just a "what you want, here it is" type of service. It was more about "What would you like to have? Would you also like this? How do you want it?" Anyhow good service, most definitly good management, good cooks, and all around great establishment.

I'd like to take my parents there and let them enjoy it. ^^

“Think outside the box!” – Old School Cliche

June 1, 2006

So you have a box.

From the context of the quote, there must be a displacement of locality which is different than the final result of the quote. If you were already outside of the box than you would only need to "Think!" Thus one must be inside the box at the initial state of the quote.

If you are inside of the box, then you must get out of the box to think "outside the box". To get out of the box must take a movement or disposition of one's self from within the box to the outer space of the box. To procure a method to get out of the box, you must first know what is the "the box". You will need to observe "the box" and dedicate thought about how to get out of "the box". Thus with your current disposition you must "think" inside "the box" about "the box" to get "outside the box".

One would have to build a definition of what is "the box". A box by definition would be a geometric shape of of 6 sides. It is most definitely not an "easy" task to get out of "the box" thus one can presume that simple actions of traveling in one direction could not help you exit "the box". We can then assume "the box" has an internal space, or region, of infinite distance. As one approaches the wall there will ultimately always be some distance epsilon which is great-than zero and of which limit is equal to zero.

No matter which direction in space one travels within "the box" there will always be some epsilon distance which differentiates between "in the box" and "outside the box".

We define "in" to be some metric distance within the bounds of epsilon from either edge, or border, region within the space of "the box".

We define "out" to be some metric distance beyond the bounds of the edge or border, region mutually exclusive to the space of "the box".

Thus we may mark "the universe" minus "the box" as "outside the box".

We have now defined two regions "the universe" and "the box". We can easily "think" in "the universe" as "the universe" is a super-set or group of "the box".

By topology, we may think of "the box" as a inner-region, or bubble, of the outer-region, "the universe", Thus it is possible to "think in the universe" but it is impossible to "think outside the box".

Let us define "the metaverse" as "the universe" minus "the box".

"Think outside the metaverse" is easily accomplished as we can state this as true.

We can now:

"Think inside the unverse!"
"Think outside the metaverse!"

but not

"Think outside the box!"

As we know "the metaverse" is a spacial region, as is "the box is a spacial region. As through topology we can change any spacially solid region into any other spacially solid region and perserve their fundimentality.

Let us change "the Metaverse" to be equal the same space and equvialent of "the box", such that "the universe" is composed of who "box like spaces" that make up the entire spacial region, "the universe".

We now can "think" "outside" of "a" "box" and figurativily speaking "think outside the box".



June 1, 2006

I'm sick! I'm Sick! No good. I still need to do my long long long hours and I still need to work work work. 

Ah wells, It must have happened when I pulled that 17 hour day. Kind of crashed my system immune system I bet. I suppose there really isn't anything I can do to eleaviate the sickness beyond one to two days. I will have to cancel my friday night plans. I'll probably still try to hit Saturday night at Larries (spelling?). But now beach on Sunday seems a little blah. Last thing I need is a cold, and sunburn.
I have been wanting to make a little suntan lotion tattoo though. Like the ones in GTO when Onizuka took the kids on a beach trip. Not sure what I would tatto though.

Speaking of sunburns, my stupid google mask is still there. I'm was hoping to balance it out a bit at the beach. From the looks of it, I'll be working on the beach, which is okay I suppose. I would much rather work on the beach than in the office.

I love laptops ❤

If my laptop could procreate, I'd… >.>;;;

Anyhow, laptops are convienent and really make my life alot easier.

Blah! My throat is all scratchy. If i could cough out my throat and place it aside and let it heal before i put it back, that'd be great.