June 1, 2006

I'm sick! I'm Sick! No good. I still need to do my long long long hours and I still need to work work work. 

Ah wells, It must have happened when I pulled that 17 hour day. Kind of crashed my system immune system I bet. I suppose there really isn't anything I can do to eleaviate the sickness beyond one to two days. I will have to cancel my friday night plans. I'll probably still try to hit Saturday night at Larries (spelling?). But now beach on Sunday seems a little blah. Last thing I need is a cold, and sunburn.
I have been wanting to make a little suntan lotion tattoo though. Like the ones in GTO when Onizuka took the kids on a beach trip. Not sure what I would tatto though.

Speaking of sunburns, my stupid google mask is still there. I'm was hoping to balance it out a bit at the beach. From the looks of it, I'll be working on the beach, which is okay I suppose. I would much rather work on the beach than in the office.

I love laptops ❤

If my laptop could procreate, I'd… >.>;;;

Anyhow, laptops are convienent and really make my life alot easier.

Blah! My throat is all scratchy. If i could cough out my throat and place it aside and let it heal before i put it back, that'd be great.


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