“Think outside the box!” – Old School Cliche

June 1, 2006

So you have a box.

From the context of the quote, there must be a displacement of locality which is different than the final result of the quote. If you were already outside of the box than you would only need to "Think!" Thus one must be inside the box at the initial state of the quote.

If you are inside of the box, then you must get out of the box to think "outside the box". To get out of the box must take a movement or disposition of one's self from within the box to the outer space of the box. To procure a method to get out of the box, you must first know what is the "the box". You will need to observe "the box" and dedicate thought about how to get out of "the box". Thus with your current disposition you must "think" inside "the box" about "the box" to get "outside the box".

One would have to build a definition of what is "the box". A box by definition would be a geometric shape of of 6 sides. It is most definitely not an "easy" task to get out of "the box" thus one can presume that simple actions of traveling in one direction could not help you exit "the box". We can then assume "the box" has an internal space, or region, of infinite distance. As one approaches the wall there will ultimately always be some distance epsilon which is great-than zero and of which limit is equal to zero.

No matter which direction in space one travels within "the box" there will always be some epsilon distance which differentiates between "in the box" and "outside the box".

We define "in" to be some metric distance within the bounds of epsilon from either edge, or border, region within the space of "the box".

We define "out" to be some metric distance beyond the bounds of the edge or border, region mutually exclusive to the space of "the box".

Thus we may mark "the universe" minus "the box" as "outside the box".

We have now defined two regions "the universe" and "the box". We can easily "think" in "the universe" as "the universe" is a super-set or group of "the box".

By topology, we may think of "the box" as a inner-region, or bubble, of the outer-region, "the universe", Thus it is possible to "think in the universe" but it is impossible to "think outside the box".

Let us define "the metaverse" as "the universe" minus "the box".

"Think outside the metaverse" is easily accomplished as we can state this as true.

We can now:

"Think inside the unverse!"
"Think outside the metaverse!"

but not

"Think outside the box!"

As we know "the metaverse" is a spacial region, as is "the box is a spacial region. As through topology we can change any spacially solid region into any other spacially solid region and perserve their fundimentality.

Let us change "the Metaverse" to be equal the same space and equvialent of "the box", such that "the universe" is composed of who "box like spaces" that make up the entire spacial region, "the universe".

We now can "think" "outside" of "a" "box" and figurativily speaking "think outside the box".



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