Lawrys, good stuff!

June 3, 2006

Went to Lawry's today for dinner; Leo really knows his way around California. That's some pretty good stuff, the service was also great.

One random thought came to mind while I was eating there. "It must be nice to wait/serve at a really nice restruant that has good food and service." I suppose it's sort of the "Work and love what you do at work" kind of idea. The servers were very happy, friendly, smiling, and service was excellent. They would come by and put water whenever you needed it even if you didn't ask. They are willing to ask twice and repeat themselves when you can't hear them. I suppose the core ideal I'm getting at is that management goes to many levels. When the food is good, the waitors can be happy and confident of themselves, thus enable them to provide key and excellent service. It was my impression that the server really liked her job, it wasn't just a "what you want, here it is" type of service. It was more about "What would you like to have? Would you also like this? How do you want it?" Anyhow good service, most definitly good management, good cooks, and all around great establishment.

I'd like to take my parents there and let them enjoy it. ^^


One Response to “Lawrys, good stuff!”

  1. msticazn Says:

    glad you enjoyed the place….i know more places if you ever want to go try them out 🙂

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