Still Sick, but still thinking!

June 5, 2006

So I'm sick at home again. There's so much work to do. It's pretty ridiculous. Anyways…

So I'm eating cold noodles and i decided to sit in my backyard. In my backyard we have an African Grey Paroit. They are some what naturally hostile and very terroritorial.

I'm staring at him, he's staring back. There's a metal leg of the Tent over head that is in the middle of us. I decided to hide myself between myself and him. He moves his head to re-align his sight. This is when i noticed, he's not staring at just me, he's staring at my eyes.

Animals must have the level of instinct that will focus in on the eyes. This gives a notion of them realizing the massive blob that moves around has a center of focus, namely a head. Thus giving animals a sense of what is an "entity". Many have said that animals lack a sense of "self" and that's why they are scared by mirrors and can not fully express themselves. Some go on to say that it is a limiting factor in the construction of a conscience. It's very appearant that animals know what "eyes" are and they are attached to an "entity". It's just an interesting notion and it's really not too far from realizing what a "self" is.

Perhaps the world will some day be surprized by a collection of animals hidden away in some corner of the world that is able to have a realization of "self" and evolve their conscience to a point of communication and expression.


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