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June 19, 2006

Haven't blogged in a while. It's been very hectic and a ton of things have happened!

Here's a quick summary:

Camry died, little brother has a new car, ES350. The punk has only had his licence for 2 months! And he's driving around an ES350! A little unfair but i'm really happy for my little brother. He really gets to sport and show off his car in his junior and senior year in highschool. I'm a little afraid that he'll get too spoiled from this though. I reminded him that we were once poor so he needs to remember to not let himself get spoiled by it all. He has a good head on his shoulders, I'm not too worried about it.

I wrote a check for $39,988 >.> that's the largest Check I have ever written to an out side source! Oh the pain! Originally it was 40,000. Writing checks are always a tedious venture: need to write the number, figure out the date, then write out the whole text string wording for the number as well. So like it was 40k… easy "Forty Thousand dollars only" then my mom opens her mouth to the salesman, "How about a nicer number? Like 39-something, with more eights" D: Dealer says "okay how about 39988" So then i had to write "Thirty-Nine Thousand Nine Hundred eighty-eight dollars only". My only thought at the time was "D: Chinese parents! Aiya!" Still fun thou i suppose =) adds a little more to life and makes it interesting.

Work has become very very hellish, there's not enough time to do anything anymore. We have 2 weeks left and it's really sad I need to work so much recently. I really wanted to spend more time relaxing and getting to know Eunice a little more. Well I'm still young, but somedays this is all going to explode out and I'm going to go nuts. I'll be like "Hey! I quit! bye!" Truly working this long and this stressiful is changing a lot of my perspectives on life and society.

Singing! I went singing with Leo, Jon, Phil, Joyce, Jessica, Diana, and Eunice. Was very fun. Eunice is very good at singing. Sometimes I really regret that my parents didn't force me into music and learn the piano or something. Then again, Eunice is right, if i was forced into it I probably wouldn't like to so much, or I wouldn't really wish I could learn it now. A bit of a chicken or the egg delimma.

Did something very out of the ordinary this weekend too. I think I'm getting closer to my point of feeling a little 'enlightened'. One thing really interests me in Eunice is that I can see she's a few steps ahead of me in that direction. She's very level headed and also very enjoyable. In my opinion, one that is closer to "enlightenment" is one that is not phased by society's influences. For example, one thing I still need to work on is my shyness and self-confidence. They are high, but still not high enough. I still second guess myself and also feel not perform at top efficiency and clarity. It's always a strive to better one's self as much as possible.

In some ways, I kind of want to dig out the old me and let him cut loose. It's very difficult to keep this balance. That's one thing the Eunice brings out in me, I can feel some of my old self reemerging from the wreckage. Something tells me inside that I can become what i'm shooting for by spending a little more time with her. It's an usual feeling to explain. I suppose, what I want to say is that I can learn a lot from her.

More later! Back to work!


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  1. msticazn Says:

    don’t give up 🙂 we’re all here. damn…ur bro gonna be pimpin 😛

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