Quick Breath of Freedom

July 26, 2006

It’s been too long since my last note to the world. I sit here today gasping for breath, head a tilt, blinded in the waves. Over a month of solitude confinement in the void of labor, grunting a long the harsh thorned path to higher success. Alast I pace here in near still water at the eye of the storm, still vibrating with the excitement of all that is spinning round and round. Thecwinds then stop. The water, still. I find it easy to manuver and I can pose my head above the water. It’s flat, clear, visiable for miles in any direction. I find it calm and peaciful, poised, and silent. It’s too silent, too calm, too peaciful. I hold my breath. I dunk myself under again and spin, spin, spin, and pull myself under. It’s a fury of nature, a trial by fire, a fight against gravity, an endless epic of what is to be, my life, continues… *Splash Splash* Someone save me! *Splash Splash*. Turn, twist,¬†make a larger disaster. *Splash Splash*. Help! *Peek* Look around. Louder. Help! *Splash Splash*…


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