A long day (again…)

July 28, 2006

Went to work at 10am today, left work at about 12:20am. A bit rediculous of course.

Anyhow, life’s good. I can focus on work, I have a loving family, I return to refrigerated cold cherrys, and everyone in my family is healthy and smiling. It’s one of the sweeter simplicities of life that are the most enjoyable sometimes. Really all this work has started making me very humble to all the things I return home to every day. I wonder if this is how I would be in the future too with my future wife.

Anyhow, my personal development projects have been put on hold yet again. I’m actually quite proud of all the programming I’ve been getting done recently in my spare time. A lot of it is very flexable, very easy to use, and sometimes down-right-awesome. The project I’m currently working on is, again and of course, an mmorpg. Although I’m slowly starting to think otherwise. But for the most part I’m developing it to be similar to an mmorpg engine and eventually it should be easy enough to force it to not use a network communications medium. Currently I’m very amazed at all the development I’ve done. I never thought I’d get this far. I have Tcp Classes, data structures, static libraries, a graphics class, math libraries, all of which were completely customer and manually made. It’s really night to get down to the core of something and play with it at an atomic level. Kind of gives you full control over the entire thing and offers so much flexibility.

Well, even with my development set aside, I plan to continue forth with my game design. I hope to have my data schema all planned out by the end of next month. I’m planning to use postgres! Woot for free databases! It’s good enough and does everything I need. I’m planning to try out the ODBC plugin, but I’ve heard it’s slow. We’ll see i suppose.

To the future and to my passions, I’ll never give up =)


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