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September 3, 2006

FF-Female Friend

Me: less reason to leave my hotel room
FF: oh
FF: cuz u know the area already
Me: yeah.
Me: I knew it would happen, so i brought my game cube
Me: Sadly after unpacking, i found out the TV didn’t have video-in.
Me: Now it’s going to sit there for 30 days mocking me
FF: lololo
Me: But it’s been a week now, I out smarted the Hotel TV.
Me: I bought a 300$ convertor to 1394 Firewire
Me: Should get here next week >:3
Me: I’ll plug it into my laptop >:3
FF: wtff
FF: lolol
FF: so u can play gamecube?
Me: /withdrawl
FF: for $300?
Me: /twitch
Me: yeah
FF: lololo
Me: After thinking about the price, it wasn’t such a good idea. But i think I’m more in-love with the fact that I found a work around ^____^
Me: staring at the GC for 7 days was bad LOL, tall tale heart…

I don’t think clearly, but it’s okay…


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