Battle Engine Ideas

October 22, 2006

Some basic terms: 

Normal – Take 1.5 damage. Easier to be affected by status aliments.
Crouch (Modifier for Normal) – Take 1.25 damage instead.
Running (Modifier for Normal) – Take 2.0 damage instead. Move faster.
Stance – Take normal (1.0) damage. Additional modifiers based on stance.

Stance gives different abilities depending on the its style. They may modify any one the following:

– Stats
– Movement Speed
– Jump
– Magic Resistance
– Magic Attack
– Defence
– Attack
– Evade
– Skill
– Hit
– Critical

(Vitality[Hp], Spirit[Mp], Magic[MAtk], Aglity[Evade/Defence], Dexterity[Hit/Attack], Strength[Attack], Mind[Resistance]


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