Fast Food Wars

October 28, 2006

Me: South California KFC is better =p
Roxy: i think all kfc is crap
Roxy: lol
Roxy: i don’t discriminate
Me: we have more mexicians since we’re closer to the border and only hire the skilled ones. So our chicken tastes fresher
Roxy: lol
Roxy: same chickens.
Roxy: same method
Roxy: it’s dumbed down
Me: yeah but canadians dont’ make it as great :3
Roxy: ever read fast food nation?
Roxy: LOL
Roxy: cause you know, there are SO many canadians here
Me: nopes what’s that about?
Roxy: it’s about the fast food industry
Roxy: it’s fascinating
Me: i’m sure it’s a good read to get to know the industry
Roxy: em
Roxy: it’s about the “dark side” of the industry
Roxy: it’s really interesting though
Roxy: i read most of it in one sitting
Me: i’m a slow reader
Roxy: me too
Roxy: LOL ok i’m not really
Roxy: hahaha
Me: *pause..*…..dark side?  
“Come young fry walker. I am your father”
Me: *see fat vader, 400 pounds from too much fast food*
Roxy: lol
Me: *hufff… heeeve…*
Roxy: you’ve got too much of an imagination
Me: *pulls out a happy meal light sabre*
Me: “oh no it’s pizza the hut!”


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