Character Data

October 30, 2006

typedef struct
 // Detailed Values
 int nExperience;

 // Base Values
 int nLevel;
 int nStrength;
 int nAgility;
 int nVitality;
 int nDexterity;
 int nFocus;
 int nSpirit;
 int nMind;
 int nMovement;
 int nJumpHeight;

 // Computed Values (base values)
 int nMaxWeight;    //(Maximum amount of weight the character can carry)
 int nCurWeight;    //(computed from equipment and items carried)
 float nDamageRatioDefend; //Damage ratio used when defending
 float nDamageRatioNormal; //Damage ratio used when normal
 float nDamageRatioDash;  //Damage ratio used when dashing
 float nDamageRatioSkill; //Damage ratio used when performing a skill

 // Computed Values (equipment and stance)
 int nAttackSlash;   //(mostly bladed weapons, Dex.5, Str1)
 int nAttackStab;   //(mostly pointed weapons, Dex.5, Str1)
 int nAttackStrike;   //(mostly blunt weapons, Dex.5, Str1)
 int nAttackFire;   //(elemental property weapons, Focus.5, Mind1)
 int nAttackIce;    //(elemental property weapons, Focus.5, Mind1)
 int nAttackLighting;  //(elemental property weapons, Focus.5, Mind1)
 int nAttackMagic;   //(raw magic attack power before elemental property, Focus1, Mind.5, Spirit.5)
 int nEvade;     //(evades magic and physical, agility, weight)
 int nDefence;    //(defence points from armor and stance modification)
 int nHit;     //(Accuracy based off dexterity mostly)
 int nResistanceFire;  //(Mind, Focus, Vitality)
 int nResistanceIce;   //(Mind, Focus, Vitality)
 int nResistanceLighting; //(Mind, Focus, Vitality)
 int nCriticalRate;   //(Dex, Agility, Focus)

} CharacterStats;

// Should hold information that is changing
// and can be broadcasted to other client applications
// Should try to keep this information minimal to
// keep bandwidth usage down
typedef struct
 int nMaxHealth;
 int nCurHealth;

 int nMaxEnergy;
 int nCurEnergy;
} CharacterDetails;


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