Re-evaluation of Life: Reflection, Reaction

October 31, 2006

Well, it’s that time again. I’m starting to re-evaluate my life. Kind of only happens after a major dealing or issue in life, but really I should do this much more often.

I once said there were 7 things to having a good life; 1. Family 2. Friends 3. Wealth 4. Knowledge 5. Success 6. Health 7. Passion. Of these 7 items I am at a loss in the following: 1, 2, 5, 6. I believe I am fairing well on the Wealth, Knowledge, and Passions of my life.

Over the past few months/years, I actually had felt I had the following: 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. But now after some re-evaluation, I know it is it no longer so.

Life has taken a turn again, and I’m feeling old. I suppose it’s getting near the point where I’m about to have my mid-life crissis. I know I’m still young, but at this pace I fee like I’m going no where.

Anyhow… no fluffs on regret or remorse, life is so short now. There is only enough time for the following: reflection and reaction.


Life starts off instantanously. You’re thrown into the world and forced to learn some basic precepts and ounces of knowledge as your initial building blocks of knowledge. You start emptiness, nothing, a white sheet of paper; the first thing your introduced to is a slap on soft flesh, a train of nerve endings carrying K+ and NA- charges, ripping chain reaction simuli down an still-soft spinal network, a jolted biochemical reaction in grey matter, a reaction of simple but complicated muscles, and finally a breath of O2 to kick start a bio-nerual network of iterative on/off chain reactions that begin to pulsate in revolutions as what we call, an conscienceness.


One we are given a set of basic laws and understandings of the world or environment around us, we then can begin to describe experiances through the 5 basic senses which grow only more detailed in time. Things observed can be reflected on: did I like that? did I not like it? Was it beneficial?

A cyclic thought process of evaluation and perception begins.

At this point we count our knowledge base, we mine it for information, we join elements together, we make assumptions, decisions, choices, assertions, denials, and other messy boolean expressions. We figure out the best course of action that should have been taken. The best course of action that may also have been a possibility. We build on our data set and add our newly discovered knowledge to the existing knowledge set. Now we iterate again, what have we learned? What can we learn now? What new roads of thought lay before us now that was not there before? How have I improved?


Something was not right, fix it! Something could have been done better, do it right! Now we have a list of proper actions that would be best “liked”, most “unliked”, most benefical. Instinct, what does your “system” tell you, how do you know what to do? How should one react? Sometimes it does not matter, but all that matters is that there IS an reaction. Actions must be taken no matter what they are, sometimes even taking no action is also an reaction.

Was it proper? Was it correct? Should I have reacted differently? Essentially this is not a part of “reaction” but apart of “reflection”.


It is through these two mechinisms that we as consciense beings can being to join our knowledge base and our reactions into an larger cyclic balance. The knowledge we acquire and it’s applications, weither it be right or wrong, will give us more knowledge and more information. With proper time and awareness of various aspects, we are enlightened, we grow wiser. With a proper set of knowledge towards enlightenment, we now have a set of tools which can be used as our reaction to the world and environment around us. Using this we become better, faster, improved, beings from your former self.


One must evaluate all aspects of one’s life.

1. Family – Takes care of my parents, take care of by little brother. Start down my path of vanquishing my fears of a relationship and start again. Apply my knowledge, apply my pains, gain anew.

2. Friends – Revive myself, reclaim my pride and socail courage. See more of the world, trust in society again. Learn from my peers and share impossible experiances that could not be lived through my life alone.

3. Wealth – Be mindful of my assests, continue to expand slowly. There is no rush.

4. Knowledge – Open up my heart again. Enable myself the ability of acceptance. Allow myself to accept the world and all it’s preceptions. Fill my knowledge base so that I may traverse the path of brillance.

5. Success – With all things counted, continue my strive to success. Work in moderation, do not rush myself. Life is not life without balance and proper execution. Rushing ahead holds nothing for people that are unknowledged of where it may lead. Take a breath, re-evaluate deeply.

6. Health – Fix all detiering aspects which I dislike about myself. Fix my posture, fix my health, fix my habits, fix my time management. Strive to embetter no only the mind, but the shell of which carries it. Work on the aspects of my life which enable myself to be broadcasted with confidence.

7. Passion – Play games, nothing wrong with that. =)


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