No one to boast too.

November 4, 2006

Sadly, even though I have just finished a nice accomplishment. I find myself stuck in the corner of my room hacking away at an code IDE alone and silent. I don’t even have music playing!

It’s times like this that I really which I could keep up more with the social aspects of life. Makes me think a lot anyways.

I truly do long for more human contact. I feel like a hermit. Although, I am doing something I want to do.

For the sacrafice of social life, I’m a coding hermit stuck in a lonely existance. But I am repaid by education; a learning experiance that will deferenciate me from the rest.

It is not enough to be a Technical Project Manager. I must be more. I need to be more.


One Response to “No one to boast too.”

  1. MsticAzn Says:

    hey bro…..awww….congrats on a job well done…i know you always get your things done no matter at what cost….but plz…take care of urself….healthwise too man :-D….i’ll be back soon and we’ll all have a blast at mammoth 😀 keep doing good work, i hope everything pays off for you…..designate some time during the weekend to RELAX!!! even i can’t study 24/7 😛 you can’t work 24/7 🙂 talk to you later

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