Rebuilt an 3ds Max ASE Exporter

November 4, 2006

So like, due to the way I built my game engine it require independant MPF files. Which are converted from ASE files. Problem was that the ASE exportor can only export one file at a time. Thus there was quite a lot of manual work!

So I finally decided to play with the 3ds MAX SDK. Played with the sample exporter and actually compiled it! Next step was modifying it to exactly what I wanted.

Sadly I went in there and hacked the crap out of it and made the code extremely dirty, but for the most part it accomplishes what I need it to do. It will be much more interesting from now on!

I can’t wait! I want to get this project even further down the line!

Building something yourself with our own two hands really makes a difference. You also begin to grow a might fine apprecation for all the people that have been there and done it before me.

I wonder how far behind the race I truly am. I hope to reach the top!


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