First Diet Log =)

November 23, 2006

So like I’m also dieting along with my workouts. I must say I feel more energetic with the foods I’m eating. Mostly sticking with soups and carbs. I’ve noticed I have more energy and I am more clear minded. Still there are times when I just can’t handle it anymore, but all in all i’m in better health of mind.

– Bottle of Orange Juice
–¬†Vegetable Soup
– Grilled Cheese Sandwitch, using Cheeter and Swiss
– Some Cocktail Shrimp
– Potato Cream Soup
– Mystiqic Club Sandwitch
– 3 Bottles of water


2 Responses to “First Diet Log =)”

  1. When I have dieted in the past…my biggest enemy is boredum. But, then I realize the benefits and keep going. Since, I am not dieting anymore…I must have gotten really bored. I did lose twenty five pounds though.

  2. renliu Says:

    I’m still relativily new to all this dieting business. I love eating, one of life’s simple pleasures. =) I hope I can lose 25 pounds as well. =)

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