Spa ^__^ Keeping it up!

November 23, 2006

Went to the spa today from 9:30 to 10:30. Kind of bubbled about for a while and also spent a lot of time in the Sauna. Not sure exactly what the health advantages these two have but definitly it is some what relaxing. While I was in the Spa I was fighting against the bubble turrets, it actually starts to get very heavy!

Anyhow, sweated a lot, that was my goal =)

Had a nice chat with MingCheng, he was giving me some sound advise.

He did make me worry a bit since there really is alot of responsibility to do, but all in all I think I was mostly calm. Maybe this new change of mine will really stick this time around. =)

Tomorrow I’m going to go running with him. Possibly in the morning just on the hotel treadmill. It may be too cold out side.

We’ll see anyways. I wish every day was like today, but then again today wasn’t that easy either!

Gotta stay health, eat health, and be fit. Change my life for good and hold to my own words. =)


One Response to “Spa ^__^ Keeping it up!”

  1. Relaxation is ALWAYS healthy…relax more:)

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