Trying out a new ‘feel’ for life

November 23, 2006

A bit hard to explain i suppose. I’m just trying out a new way of living my life. A bit of forcing myself to not care about things as much, but of course I still worry. I suppose it’s hard to change that base mentality that I have for worrying about things. Well for the most part, I’m starting to push responsibilities off =) Which is something everyone should do at one time or another! Not to say I do it for everything, but when there’s just too much to handle, there’s really no shame in saying “I can’t get this done in time, can you find someone to help me with it so we can bring it to success.” It’s still goal oriented and still hard working, it’s just really taking a higher level of analysis to evaluate the situation rather than being stubburn and trying to handle everything myself.

A bit of a “I’m Broken now” feeling too. Like I have over worked and now i’m trying to cool off my nuclear reactor.  Just kind of running at quarter power and maintaining the essensials so I can keep my job, my position, and continue to live a bit.

Anyhow, new day awaits. I’m gonna try to hit the spa and sauna today.


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