Music returns! ^__^ Idealogies broken!

November 26, 2006

It’s been a quite some time now. I’ve always been in a lot of pain whenever I listened to music. But recently, and finally, I’ve been kicked in the head and I think I’m better for it now.

Founds some interesting music and some sounds I really enjoy! It’s really quite different now than it was before. I believe there is much more of an realization in “how” to enjoy music.

I suppose there has always been a very an exhaustive need for me to find a bit of closure on some things, but after holding it back for so long it just kind of all came out at once. Too much compression will do that to ya I suppose! Well for the most part, I’ve let it out now and even after the harsh feelings, I’m better for it all.

The best way to explain this may be that I have had an idealistic barrier around my life which kept me safe and secure. I liked the warmth of the water there and feared stepping into the out side in fear of losing my idealistic ways. But as pressure built and built and built, I crawlled up, did my best to hold my place, I fought back, supported my collaposing bubble. In the end, when the pressure was too much, it just went pop! Now I just don’t care as much. It is important of course to say that it is not the case that I have no more ideals. Of course I still retain my ‘self’ it’s just an additional acceptence that my bubble is leaking, and it’s really not all that bad.

Feel free, a lot less confined, of course there are restrictions, but now my borders are further and I have so much to explore =)


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