Working-out by working?

November 26, 2006

I’m soar all over >.>;;; but I have not worked out in the last two days! What I have been doing though is standing up a lot. I think the wikipedia was right about keeping a good posture. It said something to this degree:

– If you keep an erect posture, it helps blood flow as well as muscle development.
– By keeping good posture, your abs will be stretched more and muscles between back and abs will build and become stronger, producing a smaller core waist over time.
– If you keep good posture, you will waste less energy correcting for hanging mass, and feel like you have more energy.

For the most part, I’m starting to see some differences. There are some things that I am doing aside from relaxing though. I am pulling my shoulders back as part of the daily excersize. It’s tiring, but I can already see some results ^__^. Of course it may also be a part of my healther eating =)

I’m soar, but I didn’t do anything today. I’m somewhat assuming all this back straightening has an effect on it. I guess i won’t know until a later time.


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