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Mondays: Reborn a blaze

November 27, 2006

6 min treadmill – running pace
10 pull-downs
20 front dumbbell raises
20 dumbbell sawing lifts
10 pull-downs
5 min treadmill – running pace
20 front dumbbell raises
10 pull-downs
20 front dumbbell raises
10 pull-downs
20 front dumbbell raises
5 min treadmill – running pace

Phew!~ All of this one only a dinner this whole day! Omg! I’m definitly stupid =P

Well hopefully my life will start to balance it self more. Just gotta keep it up.

The plan:
Mondays: Back + Shoulder + Running
Tuesdays: Abs + Sauna/Spa
Wednesday: Biceps + Triceps+ Running
Thusdays: Shadow Boxing + Sauna/Spa
Friday: Back + Chest + Running
Saturaday: Sauna/Spa
Sunday: Relax


Starving Diet?

November 27, 2006

– Orange Juice
– Soft Tofu Soup
– Bbq beef
– Salmone Sushi
– Tea
1 Bottle of water

Work got crazy and required me to spend over time during lunch. Starved during the day but at least the fact that it was busy kept me from thinking about my stomach.

I really like this Korean place that I’m currently going to. Really good. I stated the following to my team members: “The culenary skill of this resturant is really great.” I felt smart and snotty saying it :3 But I really meant it too! I like tofu.

I’ts 9:13pm and I am food comma’d now.