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BIG Dinner! I paid for 10 people! @.@;;;;

November 29, 2006

– Orange Juice
– Boiled Egg
– Grilled Cheese
– Fries with Gravy
– Cream of Vegetable Soup
– 1 lb. Baby-Back Ribs
– Garlic Mash Potatos
– Ice Tea
– 2 Bottles of water.

Went to Baton Rouge with the team. 10 people total! As the leader I gotta take care of my team members of courese =) Total comes out to 370$ CAD. Pretty pricey place and averaged about 30 bucks a person. It’s kinda too much, but I think it’s worth it.

If you expect the best out of your members, you’ve got to provide the best. Keep everyone happy and content so that they feel there is a level of respect for your strife in taking care of them. Effectivily it is the trade off of, gaining more work and well focused work out of happy and willing members of the team, verses how much I need to fight and talk back to the company administration to explain why these expenses are required.