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Funny how I can see things….

November 30, 2006

It’s interesting that I can see some things but not all things. But what am I talking about exactly? It’s weird. Sometimes I have this 6th sense for how a person feels or reacts or how they think. Sadly, it happens usually only when I’m very serious about them and care dearly for them. Most of the time I do not like what I find out, most of the time I’m right about it.

Delimma is that I can read these things, but it is never a good read, or at least it has not been good for a while now. Some say that knowing too much is harmful at times, you really don’t want to know what’s happening all the time. But then again a control over the world and society is nice.

Sadlly I can see into some personalities and some hearts. I can evaluate some issues and some feelings that are only spoken or choosen in some order. Using my understanding of thought and what most people will think in some situations I’m able to see things that make me sad at times. Of course it’s no so much that everything makes me sad, but more like it does not run in the course of my liking.

Oh wells, that’s society right? Uncontrolable mass of humans seeking inter dependence and yet individuality and yet there is no need for such things…. But i wish it would happen to me though… It’s been a long time since then.

I’ll just have to wait my turnĀ I suppose.