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First Diet Log =)

November 23, 2006

So like I’m also dieting along with my workouts. I must say I feel more energetic with the foods I’m eating. Mostly sticking with soups and carbs. I’ve noticed I have more energy and I am more clear minded. Still there are times when I just can’t handle it anymore, but all in all i’m in better health of mind.

– Bottle of Orange Juice
– Vegetable Soup
– Grilled Cheese Sandwitch, using Cheeter and Swiss
– Some Cocktail Shrimp
– Potato Cream Soup
– Mystiqic Club Sandwitch
– 3 Bottles of water


Spa ^__^ Keeping it up!

November 23, 2006

Went to the spa today from 9:30 to 10:30. Kind of bubbled about for a while and also spent a lot of time in the Sauna. Not sure exactly what the health advantages these two have but definitly it is some what relaxing. While I was in the Spa I was fighting against the bubble turrets, it actually starts to get very heavy!

Anyhow, sweated a lot, that was my goal =)

Had a nice chat with MingCheng, he was giving me some sound advise.

He did make me worry a bit since there really is alot of responsibility to do, but all in all I think I was mostly calm. Maybe this new change of mine will really stick this time around. =)

Tomorrow I’m going to go running with him. Possibly in the morning just on the hotel treadmill. It may be too cold out side.

We’ll see anyways. I wish every day was like today, but then again today wasn’t that easy either!

Gotta stay health, eat health, and be fit. Change my life for good and hold to my own words. =)

Trying out a new ‘feel’ for life

November 23, 2006

A bit hard to explain i suppose. I’m just trying out a new way of living my life. A bit of forcing myself to not care about things as much, but of course I still worry. I suppose it’s hard to change that base mentality that I have for worrying about things. Well for the most part, I’m starting to push responsibilities off =) Which is something everyone should do at one time or another! Not to say I do it for everything, but when there’s just too much to handle, there’s really no shame in saying “I can’t get this done in time, can you find someone to help me with it so we can bring it to success.” It’s still goal oriented and still hard working, it’s just really taking a higher level of analysis to evaluate the situation rather than being stubburn and trying to handle everything myself.

A bit of a “I’m Broken now” feeling too. Like I have over worked and now i’m trying to cool off my nuclear reactor.  Just kind of running at quarter power and maintaining the essensials so I can keep my job, my position, and continue to live a bit.

Anyhow, new day awaits. I’m gonna try to hit the spa and sauna today.

Starting up

November 22, 2006

Running, shoulder front lefts, pull downs, then running again. Sets of 10 each and 5 mins at a time for 4 cycles or 5. I lost count.  Really nice startup thou. I’m on a new path to start bringing myself back to my old self. All this corperate stuff is boring now. Time to focus on things that are more real. =)

November 4, 2006

* Defines

#define CHARACTERDATA_WEIGHT_ALLOWED (0.50) //50% before it becomes an issue
#define CHARACTERDATA_WEIGHT_CRITICAL (0.75) //75% before it becomes an problematic



* Structures
// Should hold information that is unique
// Stats: Level, Exp
// Information that does not change very often
typedef struct CharacterCore
// Detailed Characteristics
int nExperience;
int nLevel;

// Proficentcies
float nSkillWithMelee; // Fists, Claws, Kicks
float nSkillWithSwords; // 1h Sword, 2h Sword, Katanas, etc...
float nSkillWithShields; // Shields!
float nSkillWithSpears; // Spears
float nSkillWithDaggers; // Daggers
float nSkillWithStaves; // Melee Staff, Casting Staff, etc...
float nSkillWithBows; // Bow and Arrow
float nSkillWithGuns; // Guns
float nSkillWithAxes; // 1h Axe, 2h Axe
float nSkillWithBooks; // Large Books, Combat Books, Spell Books?

float nSkillWithEarth; // Spell Efficiency Grounds Lighting
float nSkillWithLighting; // Spell Efficiency Vaporizes Water
float nSkillWithWater; // Spell Efficiency Smothers Fire
float nSkillWithFire; // Spell Efficiency Disrupts Wind
float nSkillWithWind; // Spell Efficiency Cuts Earth
float nSkillWithLight; // Spell Efficiency Opposes Dark
float nSkillWithDark; // Spell Efficiency Opposes Light
} CharacterCore;

// Should hold fixed information.
// Stats: Str, Dex, Agi, etc...
// Information that does not change very often
typedef struct CharacterStats
// Base Values
float nMovement; //(Movement after stance and weight)
float nJumpHeight; //(Jump after stance and weight)

int nMaxTarget; //(Client driven target proposal system, max number

// Base Stats
int nStrength;
int nAgility;
int nVitality;
int nDexterity;
int nFocus;
int nSpirit;
int nMind;

// Computed Damage Ratios (from base stats and stance)
float nDamageRatioDefend; //(StanceMod, Damage ratio used when defending)
float nDamageRatioNormal; //(StanceMod, Damage ratio used when normal)
float nDamageRatioDash; //(StanceMod, Damage ratio used when dashing)
float nDamageRatioSkill; //(StanceMod, Damage ratio used when performing a skill)

// Computed Values (equipment, stance, and stats)
int nAttackSlash; //(Mostly bladed weapons, Dex.5, Str1)
int nAttackStab; //(Mostly pointed weapons, Dex.5, Str1)
int nAttackStrike; //(Mostly blunt weapons, Dex.5, Str1)

int nAttackEarth; // Weapon Elemental Damage
int nAttackLighting; // Weapon Elemental Damage
int nAttackWater; // Weapon Elemental Damage
int nAttackFire; // Weapon Elemental Damage
int nAttackWind; // Weapon Elemental Damage
int nAttackLight; // Weapon Elemental Damage
int nAttackDark; // Weapon Elemental Damage

int nAttackMagic; //(Raw magic attack power before elemental property,
int nEvade; //(Evades magic and physical, agility, weight)
int nDefence; //(Defence points from armor and stance modification)
int nHit; //(Accuracy based off dexterity mostly)
int nCriticalRate; //(Dex, Agility, Focus)

int nResistanceEarth; // Spell Efficiency Grounds Lighting
int nResistanceLighting; // Spell Efficiency Vaporizes Water
int nResistanceWater; // Spell Efficiency Smothers Fire
int nResistanceFire; // Spell Efficiency Disrupts Wind
int nResistanceWind; // Spell Efficiency Cuts Earth
int nResistanceLight; // Spell Efficiency Opposes Dark
int nResistanceDark; // Spell Efficiency Opposes Light

// Computed Values (from base stats)
int nMaxHealth; //(Max health)
int nMaxEnergy; //(Max energy)
int nMaxWeight; //(Maximum amount of weight the character can carry)
} CharacterStats;

// Should hold information that is changing
// and can be broadcasted to other client applications
// Should try to keep this information minimal to
// keep bandwidth usage down
typedef struct CharacterDetails
// Detailed Characteristics
int nStance; //(current stance)
int nStanceMod; //(active stance modifier)

// Computed Values (from base stats)
int nCurHealth; //(Just counted)
int nCurEnergy; //(Just counted)
int nCurWeight; //(Computed from equipment and items carried)
} CharacterDetails;

No one to boast too.

November 4, 2006

Sadly, even though I have just finished a nice accomplishment. I find myself stuck in the corner of my room hacking away at an code IDE alone and silent. I don’t even have music playing!

It’s times like this that I really which I could keep up more with the social aspects of life. Makes me think a lot anyways.

I truly do long for more human contact. I feel like a hermit. Although, I am doing something I want to do.

For the sacrafice of social life, I’m a coding hermit stuck in a lonely existance. But I am repaid by education; a learning experiance that will deferenciate me from the rest.

It is not enough to be a Technical Project Manager. I must be more. I need to be more.

Rebuilt an 3ds Max ASE Exporter

November 4, 2006

So like, due to the way I built my game engine it require independant MPF files. Which are converted from ASE files. Problem was that the ASE exportor can only export one file at a time. Thus there was quite a lot of manual work!

So I finally decided to play with the 3ds MAX SDK. Played with the sample exporter and actually compiled it! Next step was modifying it to exactly what I wanted.

Sadly I went in there and hacked the crap out of it and made the code extremely dirty, but for the most part it accomplishes what I need it to do. It will be much more interesting from now on!

I can’t wait! I want to get this project even further down the line!

Building something yourself with our own two hands really makes a difference. You also begin to grow a might fine apprecation for all the people that have been there and done it before me.

I wonder how far behind the race I truly am. I hope to reach the top!