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Foundations of Business

December 24, 2006

Communications is the foundations of human interaction and the foundation of business. Everything in the middle has alway been an accelerant of the primative “Hi! Do you want to this?”

So what do you need to instantiate a business transaction:
– Product
– Demand
– Seller
– Buyer
– Communication
– Transportation
– Tradable Assets

Well the primative is more like “Oga, Want” *Point* then the other guy “Uga, Trade” *point* and they both nod and swap. >.>;;;;



December 24, 2006

On Vacation now!

Started the 22nd: I’m in-process of closing an escrow, switching family life-style to something more easy going, got a nice bonus, project failed 12/15 but don’t care too much, went snowboarding, been continuing my diet!, my muscles are soar, met some new people ^__^, revisited some old friends, taking back my life, been working out, I feel better about myself, i hurt my neck, went to an old restruant with new and old memories, had some really good steak and good wine!, relaxed with family, went to a holiday party, won an home entertainment system with surround sound, ended up putting that system into my personal living room (bedroom), went speeding on the mountians, lost tracktion on a nice turn, regaining my love for speeding, cleaned my room then messed it up again, designed some communication protocols for my hobby, fixed the family ktv, regained some social tuition, suprized myself i did alot these two weeks.

Now I need a hair cut ^__^

Been busy!

December 19, 2006

Seems like I have less time to blog since i returned to LA. This is a good as well as a bad thing I suppose. It means I have less time to evaluate my day and my life, but then again I’m also interacting with more of my world and my surroundings.

I definitly am very glad I get to stay home for quite a while. Sadly I’ll be leaving for canada sooner than I had hoped.

Been taking good care of myself recently. Dressing warm, cleaned my room, organized my documents and bills, paid my credit cards, starting my time sheets, will be starting my expenses soon, family has started escrow on the old house, we’re moving back, ktv is still in a runt, but i’m pushing it a side a bit.

I’m looking forward to a nice bonus to help out my family. I suppose we’re kind of in a bad position at the moment, we are definitly over spending now. But luckily I have some funds saved up that will last us at least a few months enough to let us sell the current house and get back on top of our financial situtation.

Oh the things I do for my family, but they are definitly worth it. I just wish that the curcumstanes that bought us to this point didn’t occur. For the most part my family is health.

I hope my lil bro’s school work picks up a bit. He is awfully forgetful, which is very bad.

I wish he’d take my advise on task lists and todo lists.

I will try to advise him tomorrow.

Has only been 3.5 days, I’ve worked out 2 times since then doing 6 min burns.

I have also been watching my eating habits more. Boy am I hungry! Well, not really. I’m just a little starved for energy, but I know it is not relly hunger. A little sleep actually will make me feel better =) I notice a difference in my shape and build now. I’m happy with the current results =)

I’ll just have to keep eating health and keep working out.

I still want to go running, but have not found the time.

Speaking of which, I still really need a haircut. =X

First full days (yesterday) back in LA

December 16, 2006

– Nothing
– Japanese Ramen
– Salmon
– Soft Shell Crab
– Pat Thai (from the lunch order)
– Vegetable and Meat bun (1/2 of one)

James (my supervisor) took Tony and myself for a lunch yesterday (Friday). It was nice, I suppose it was a sort of apologie for holding me hostage in Canada for so long.

My family KTV is still shutdown, but I suppose it’s just a matter of time before I fix it or HK does.

Another burn ^^

December 16, 2006

Did another 6min burn. Still not really 6 mins just yet, but my form and speed is getting much better. I wonder if it is even possible for me to do it in 6 mins. Hmm, something to try for =)

It’s good to be home. It’s so much more relaxing. I can do what I want, I can manage my life, I can see my family, I can relax =)

Finally home =*)

December 16, 2006

It’s been a hellish 5 weeks.

In the process of it all: I stressed to my limit, worked to my limit, history hunted me, lost control, broken down, destroyed myself, lost myself, ran confused, cleared the board, realized me, reevaluted myself, rebuilt myself, cleared my conscience, stood tall once again, and regained control of my life. Quite a roller coaster ride.

I am now in process to living out my new revelation ^__^ Time to really spend some more time for myself. =)

crunch crunch!

December 13, 2006

50 Crunchs
– Do not pull your neck up with your hands
– Shoulder Blades need to lift off the floor
25 LeftToRight Russian Twists
– Right Elbow to Left Knee
– Left Elbow to Right Knee
50 Leg Raises
– Start 6 inches from the floor
– Raise to 45 degrees
50 Flat Legged Crunches
– Imagine a string is lifting you from the floor
25 Pikes
00 Crunches with 90-degree legs? (Still cant’ do these)
25 Left-Right Russians with 12 inch straight legs

Still not burning yet. I must be doing them too slow. I do feel the difference thou @.@;;;

Too much work!

December 13, 2006

Been very busy recently and really haven’t had time to document out all my meals. For the most part it has been cafatria food with usually soup or chicken sandwitch. I did give in a few times to onion rings and gravy though. Doh!

So like I’ll hide those days away :3

for 12/13:

– nothing
– White Plain Tuna Sandwitch
– Hot Tofu soup
– BBQ Beef (some)
– Salmon Nigiri

Need to get my diet back to normal @.@;;;; The day before it was work from 8am-6am. I just need to fix my health again due to how stupid

I think I ate just enough today, but I’m too lazy to workout >.>;

December 7, 2006

– Boiled Egg
– Bottle of Water
– Cream of Mushroom Soup
– Grilled Cheese Sandwitch
– Buffalo Strips Wrap
– Fries
– Cheese and Bread Dip

I really should workout, but I’m so tired at the moment.

It was a good day, very productive. We passed a large chunk of the system requirements. Also laid in place alot of other foundations for actions.

Going to sleep to prepare for another big day. I’m so tired. I’m glad I get to return home soon. But then again, we are still far away from finalizing the system!

Always read your parking tickets >.>

December 6, 2006

I was paying my parking tickets today and I almost paid someone else’s ticket! It caught my eye because the infraction ticket wasn’t in my position was it was on my license place for my car rental! Then I looked closely at the date! It’s someone else’s ticket! I was about 3 clicks away from paying for it!

Then after some thought, i wasn’t sure if it wasn’t mine of not! I forgot when i came to canada! It’s been 3 weeks! but it was close! I wasn’t sure! I had to dig out my documents. “Lets see when did I fly in?” “Omg! I almost paid for someone else’s ticket!” It was interesting and a very big sigh of relief =P

Well these 125 bucks in parking tickets really stink. I really think it’s a definite way to make me not want to work anymore, why isn’t this handled by the project manager? Sigh… I have to do everything >.< But I choose not too. =P