Snow!!! Painful Snow!!!

December 1, 2006

As an lazy Califorinan, I really shouldn’t be in Canada during winter! Haha… ouch ouch ouch. Hailing ice hurts!

So the morning was nice. Driving around watching the lightly snow glazed grass. Feeling a little less traction around the tires. Walking in to the project site while letting the wind carry the snow around.

Sadly… at the complex they didn’t give us parking permits. Then it started hailing!

I had to go move my car so I went out side, the snow was really snowing then! It was hailing! It hurt! My face was blazed in an icy numb. The floor had a light layer of grey dirty slush. The even more amazing thing was when i got to my car! It looked like it had a layer of ice covering it completely! It had Icicles on it too! So like it’s snowing really bad, I dashed into the car, sat in, slamed the door. and looked up. Snow! I couldn’t see out my window! Any of them! Wow!. I decided to use the wind-shield wipers, bad move… SSSwwipe!!!! Right across the top, didn’t do anything! I just swiped the top of the icy glass. Haha. Stop, think, what should I do? Okay, Just need to back up and change my car’s position. Gotta back up and also turn, so maybe i just need the side windows! Roll down. I see the glass move down, but there was still a layer of ice acting as a new window! I then pushed the window made of ice out and it fell over. Repositioned the car, ran back inside.

I thought my ears were going to freeze off, it was so cold!

Well was interesting. When we came out at night I then “skraped a car for snow” for the first time! I was wondering what that tool in the back was for, and how i know! Hahaha.

It’s really interesting being out of your element. You learn so much (the hard way). =P


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