6 min burn again! (more like 32 mins)

December 4, 2006

50 Crunchs
– Do not pull your neck up with your hands
– Shoulder Blades need to lift off the floor
20 LeftToRight Russian Twists
– Right Elbow to Left Knee
– Left Elbow to Right Knee
25 Leg Raises
– Start 6 inches from the floor
– Raise to 45 degrees
50 Flat Legged Crunches
– Imagine a string is lifting you from the floor
25 Pikes
30 Crunches with 90-degree legs? (Still cant’ do these)
25 Left-Right Russians with 12 inch straight legs

My neck didn’t die this time from all the mis-use, but it also seems like I didn’t really get as much out of this workout as I really should be. Sadly this stuff doesn’t work over night (i wish it did). I’ll just have to keep it up and wait out the results.

I suppose this is just a good “swimming” phase. Working my way upstream, but never really getting to far to realize the distance traveled. Perhaps when I make it up stream, I’ll find a much nicer area I can swim cycles around. ^__^

But yeah, I have not done any of these above in a “true” form in it’s greatest manifestation. All of them have been very sloppy and ill mannered, half the time I’m dying and grasping for dear life until the end of my first 10! (well it’s not that bad…)

A nice hot shower was nice ^__^

Still somewhat debating if I should start taking baths again. I use to take them all the time, and I think boiling myself in a hot soup for 30 mins a day really makes a difference for my weight @.@;;; Maybe I should revert back to baths for a while and try it out :3


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