Monday: Partially health

December 4, 2006

– Apple Juice
– Grilled Cheese
– Cream of Mushroom
– Family Style Chinese Dinner (I always eat too much like this!)
– Tea
– Soup!
– 2 Bottles of water
– 1 Can of Grape Soda

I need to get back on track! I’ve eating badly for two days now!!! It was Stanley’s birthday though (or that’s my excuse). The guy is turning 40, but you really could not possibly imagine it from the way he looks and also the way he acts. Amazing amount of youth in that guy. Always smiling, healthy, taking care of his kids, great guy =)

I want to be clear-minded and sharp like him when I’m at that age. He really had a lot of his piece in line =)

Anyhow, I really need to get back on track. I love food, but it’s killing me! (the food is, well not really). I need to watch what I eat next time when it comes to chinese food. It’s hard to control your partions when it’s just all laying in-front of you! Anyhow, I lose count of exactly how many bowls and how many items I pile on to my rice.

Need to watch what I eat more. =P


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