Always read your parking tickets >.>

December 6, 2006

I was paying my parking tickets today and I almost paid someone else’s ticket! It caught my eye because the infraction ticket wasn’t in my position was it was on my license place for my car rental! Then I looked closely at the date! It’s someone else’s ticket! I was about 3 clicks away from paying for it!

Then after some thought, i wasn’t sure if it wasn’t mine of not! I forgot when i came to canada! It’s been 3 weeks! but it was close! I wasn’t sure! I had to dig out my documents. “Lets see when did I fly in?” “Omg! I almost paid for someone else’s ticket!” It was interesting and a very big sigh of relief =P

Well these 125 bucks in parking tickets really stink. I really think it’s a definite way to make me not want to work anymore, why isn’t this handled by the project manager? Sigh… I have to do everything >.< But I choose not too. =P


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