I need to eat better!!!! (Yelling at myself here)

December 6, 2006

– Orange Juice
– Stolen Hard Boiled Egg
– Cream of Toe-ma-tow Soup
– Grilled Cheese
– Pizza (4 Slices)
– Buffalo Wings (6 pieces)
– 2 Sodas
– 2 Bottles of water

“Blah!” to overtime and overtime dinners. So unhealthy when it comes to making sure the work gets done! We need more resources and no one cares!

I’m starting to get tired of all the endless run around now. I have no time to even do my time sheets for work!

Oh wellz, I get paid. I spend almost nothing while i’m here except on parking tickets.

I owe 125$ in parking! I should pay them this weekend. =P


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