Been busy!

December 19, 2006

Seems like I have less time to blog since i returned to LA. This is a good as well as a bad thing I suppose. It means I have less time to evaluate my day and my life, but then again I’m also interacting with more of my world and my surroundings.

I definitly am very glad I get to stay home for quite a while. Sadly I’ll be leaving for canada sooner than I had hoped.

Been taking good care of myself recently. Dressing warm, cleaned my room, organized my documents and bills, paid my credit cards, starting my time sheets, will be starting my expenses soon, family has started escrow on the old house, we’re moving back, ktv is still in a runt, but i’m pushing it a side a bit.

I’m looking forward to a nice bonus to help out my family. I suppose we’re kind of in a bad position at the moment, we are definitly over spending now. But luckily I have some funds saved up that will last us at least a few months enough to let us sell the current house and get back on top of our financial situtation.

Oh the things I do for my family, but they are definitly worth it. I just wish that the curcumstanes that bought us to this point didn’t occur. For the most part my family is health.

I hope my lil bro’s school work picks up a bit. He is awfully forgetful, which is very bad.

I wish he’d take my advise on task lists and todo lists.

I will try to advise him tomorrow.

Has only been 3.5 days, I’ve worked out 2 times since then doing 6 min burns.

I have also been watching my eating habits more. Boy am I hungry! Well, not really. I’m just a little starved for energy, but I know it is not relly hunger. A little sleep actually will make me feel better =) I notice a difference in my shape and build now. I’m happy with the current results =)

I’ll just have to keep eating health and keep working out.

I still want to go running, but have not found the time.

Speaking of which, I still really need a haircut. =X


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