Learned how to Sew

January 2, 2007

Today I finished watching Click, the movie with Adam Sanders. It was a very good movie and really I related to it a lot. Personally I think I’ve been working too hard and have really been “choosing” my work over my personal life and family. It was a very touching movie and I really started to tear a bit when it came to his father and also the last scene just in-front of the hospital. My initials thoughts right after the movie was that “I had to do something with my family, I love them.”

Then almost immedately I was invited to go workout with Leo at CalTech, I made a mental note for myself and decided I will do something with family right after I get back. I pulled up my workout pants from out of my drawers and then found it with a hole! Normally it wouldn’t be a big deal, but this hole was about the side a credit card right under my back right pocket. Definitly wasn’t looking forward to showing my boxers at CalTech.

It hit me. “Spend time with family” + “Grandma is living with us recently” + “I have a pant with a hole” + “I want to learn something to improve myself” + “I really like my old workout pants and I’m not ready to part with them yet” = “I’ll ask Mom and Grandma how to sew!” Was a good idea =)

I went to the gym at CalTech (using Leo’s sister’s ID), then went to dinner with my family and had a good dinner and wonderiful conversation.

I then prompty asked my Grandmother and Mother to teach me how to sew!

My grandma’s initial reaction was “huh? just go buy some new pants!” My mom, which had helped me sew my workout pants before, explained to my grandma how much I love old things and how I like these pants. I personally believe I’m just very confortable with things I’m familar with. These pants are like a safety blanket.


Lesson #1: Different types of Lines!

On the far right you’ll see a “straight line”: it’s something like just poking oneside and moving a bit and poking across to another side then poking another side again. You basically make a Zigzag shape in and out of the fabric and work your way through. there’s about 3 segments of this type below.

On the middle right, the next 6 segments are what’s called a “re-line” (Excuse my english translation of what my mom/grandma said in chinese LOL): A re-line is a poke through behind the current location of the string, then a poke about two times the distance of the backwards poke forward out of the fabric. This works like a slowly moving loop-to-loop, it’s much more firm and works better with tougher fabrics that need to hold together. Later I have a better visual example of exactly how to do this.

On the middle left is what’s called a “carpet line”: This is a half poke into the fabric near a corner or where the fabric folds. Then taking the string that has not been poked through, one wraps it counter clock-wise around the pin head behind the end of the fabric. After that you then pull the needle out and repeat. This is a very firm edge sewing line.

Different Stiches
Lesson #2: How to prepare a patch to be sewed
The next image is the hole I’m trying to patch-up. Steps are:
1.) Put the patch fabric over the hole
2.) keep it in place using other needles
3.) Draw a line (if you want) to make a good beginner’s target
4.) String your needle and start sewing

Lesson #3: How to String a needle and tie the end knot
1.) Put the string through the hole of the needle
2.) Pull the string back such that you have both ends of the string match up (image below)

3.) Make a loop and pitch the around you want to make the knot at, placing your thumb further back along the index finger.

4.) Slide across the intersection of the loop to have the string end curve into the loop and out the other side.

5.) Tighten and your strung and ready!

Lesson #4: How to Sew a “re-Line”
1.) From where the needle is coming out of the fabric, name it as Origin, poke about 1 unit distance behind it.

2.) Push the needle out from the inside about 2 unit distances infront of the Origin.

3.) Now pull the needle through

4.) Pull it all the way through, tighten, and repeat!

Inside of pants:

Outside of pants:

Goals accomplished:
– Spent time with Mom
– Spent time with Grandma
– Learned how to Sew
– Realized how very damn hard it can be to poke a needle through a doubled layered sewed-up corner of a pocket really is! I had to push the needle through using the table!

Was good bonding time with my grandma especially =) She’s old and I have her some memories ^__^ Not bad for a guy! 😀


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